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No one is able to identify this Tablet???

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    No one is able to identify this Tablet???


    This is the first forum i have every registered with so please cut me some slack if I'm posting this in the incorrect place.

    My problem is that i have a Chinese tablet that I have found impossible to identify.
    The cover has no markings at all. The problem is that i was messing around with various roms and never made a backup. since then, ive tried numerous firmwares but cannot find anything that works like my original tab. The screen and wifi either font work or the tablet doesn't go on at all.

    Please please please can someone help me identify what firmware I need.
    I've opened up the case to try and identify, this is what i could find out:

    Processor: RK29SDK ARM v7
    Touch: Goodix GT801
    Wifi: Realtek RTL8188
    Sound: Realtek ALC5621
    Bluetooth: no
    RAM: 512MB
    Screen size: 7''

    If anyone could help, I would be most grateful

    Its wise to post pictures of the device..



      Hi. Here are some pics. hope you can help.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Knysna-20131105-00300.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Knysna-20131105-00301.jpg
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Name:	Knysna-20131105-00299.jpg
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Name:	Knysna-20131105-00296.jpg
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        Originally posted by quintondengel View Post
        Hi. Here are some pics. hope you can help.
        Hi I imagine it to be an oem china product,it's most likely from Chen Zehn in china where most are produced,they then are sold to other companies who sometimes rebrand them and add their own gui to the device.It could have been sold by a company who bought from a factory in Chen Zehn and may or may not be branded,the motherboard version number inside might tell more about who made it and what year giving more insight.If you find the device info and find the rom name you may get a lead with that as some rebranded roms are named so that it can be an indicator what brand of device it was issued on haipi phone has a specific rom named specificaly this is how you can find it online by the filename for the rom.
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