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New Here. Info has been Awesome! Thanks!

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    New Here. Info has been Awesome! Thanks!

    Hey all. I am brand new here. I am working on a large project and this forum has been an enormous help over the past several days. So I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the excellent info!

    I have a project where I need to do some Android app demos on a large touchscreen for the CES show in January. The demos need to be controlled from the touchscreen. The idea is to make it seem like the touchscreen is a giant tablet. So cabling up an Android mobile device wouldnt work in this case, because the client doesnt want to control the demo from the mobile device.

    I have lots of Android devices, plus I am big with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, so I thought I would just go out and buy a couple of these Android sticks and have a go. Not so fast. These suckers dont do anything they are supposed to out of the box. Wifi was sketchy. Web browsing was terrible with lots of crazy "certificate errors". The Play store wouldnt let me download the app I needed for my client. The usb ethernet stick I bought didnt work. And I couldnt rotate the picture into portrait mode. Basically nothing worked as it should have. I bought a Tronsmart MK808B, and a iPazzPort, which apparently is a CX-803 chip. Both of them had different crazy stuff going on, and neither one was doing the job.

    So I did my research, which led me here. It took me a lot of reading and testing, but I was able to load up a couple of roms on each stick, and finally settled on the Finless 1.7 for each respective chip set. Everything works perfectly. Editing the file was the key for a lot of the tweaks I needed to do. I am very happy with the way it all turned out.

    I do like the MK808B stick much better. It seems to be a more standard configuration that works well. And the Tronsmart brand seems to be okay too. These things are readily available on Amazon, as I will probably need a bunch more of them shortly. I like the sub-$50 price point of the MK808B sticks too.
    If anyone has a recommendation on a good supplier for these, that would be great. Otherwise I will just get them from Amazon again.

    So a very hearty THANKS to this forum. I am a tech by trade, and a musician as well. So I go on a lot of forums. This one is a good one. I appreciate all the info.

    Happy Turkey Day to all!

    Welcome Brad... Glad this site helped you out.

    What touch screen did you use?
    Many want to do what your doing but not all USB touch screens work with multipoint touch.

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      CES is still a few weeks away, so i havent gotten all of the hardware yet. But right now the plan is to use an HP 42" Touchsmart. I've used them with a lot of other platforms and they are great. For these demos, I just need mouse emulation because there are no multi-touch functions. I made sure my client was very aware that the capability to pinch zoom and do other other multi-touch things was probably not going to happen with this one. Just a bunch of single finger swiping and tapping. But if you have any pointers for me, I will take them. Obviously if I can under-promise and over-deliver, it wouldnt be a bad thing. We are going to be using a couple of PQ Labs overlays for another interactive at the same show, so I may just take the opportunity and test it with the android stuff as well. In case you were wondering, I am a technologist in the corporate event and tradeshow field. I do some retail installations as well. I specialize in interactive touchscreen apps, gesture recognition, and augmented reality apps. I do a lot of iOS apps and general wifi and networking support for the event scene as well. Rock on Finless, your roms are awesome.