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Making your own screen protector for tablets on the cheap

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    Making your own screen protector for tablets on the cheap

    I made a screen protector for my Newsmy K97. Since I can't find accessories for it because it is a chinese off brand. This worked for me...I take no responsiblity if you mess up your at your own risk!

    How I did it:

    I turned on my tablet and photocopied it. I had to mess with the copier settings (light/darkness) till I got a good outline of the sreen for a template. I have seen other sites where people apply a film and then cut out the speakers, camera, etc...but then you would be cutting on the surface of your screen.....MAKE A TEMPLATE!
    I bought the thinest clear vinyl (.002, maybe) from a fabric store.
    I cut out the template, using a # 11 xacto blade, using a dime for rounding the edges and hole punch for the camera.
    I placed the template on top of the vinyl, traced it with a black marker.
    I cut out the vinyl using the same steps as for cutting the paper template.
    Clean your tablet screen. I used isopropyl alcohol and a lint free towel
    I then sprayed the back of the vinyl (the side that gets applied to the screen) with a light mist of soap and water mixture. Only need 2 small drops of liquid soap per 1 cup of water.
    I then layed that on my tablet and slide it into position.
    I then lightly sprayed the top of the vinyl with the same solution.
    Then using a squeegee ( a small one, maybe a credit card could work) I pushed the excess liguid out from the center toward the edges. Make sure to have a paper towel at the edges to soak up the excess liquid so it doesn't run down to your tablet.

    It is really clear, and has been working great. I thought I would put it out there for others who can't find accessories for other oem and mid tablets. Maybe the same process could work for cell phones and major brand tablets since they are so expensive.
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    Nice work..I typically make my own too.

    Around here I can generally find sheets of screen protector film pretty cheap. (I've even seen them at times at the dollar stores.) They'e generally for the ipad or larger 10" tablets etc.

    I then take these and trim to fit my devices. I never thought of actual photocopying my device for the template. Nice idea there. I typically just measure and mark, but if you aren't good with measuring, or if your device has funky shapes it's a little more difficult.

    When possible I keep the screen protector that comes with the device and use it for a template. They generally have some removable film and often times that can be a suitable way to make a template as well.

    I know the soap and water trick works awesome for tinting windows, applying vinyl decals etc...but I wasn't sure it would work with the screen protector film I use. I will say that most screen protector adhesive isn't too strong (many just use static more than adhesive) since they are designed to be removed without gummy residue or damage to your device.

    Since I use screen protector film I guess I was worried about messing up the glue. I sometimes get a small bubble or two and was wondering if I should try a little soap and water the next time I try. I might give it a go and see.

    You say you "bought the thinest clear vinyl (.002, maybe) from a fabric store" is it adhesive backed or is this just clear vinyl that stays in place with static cling?


      I think this is generic to many tablets. I am going to move this to the main forum where it may get more people seeing the idea.

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        Thanks Bob. I figured where I had put it was a good place since there are so many products for the name brands and not the no names. If more people will see it, that is awesome. If it can work for the cheapos, it could work for the name brands.

        Single Dad,

        The film I bought was NOT adhesive backed.If you ask at the fabric store, they would probably say it was mainly used as table cloth protector. It was more static cling, but the soap solution really helps to keep it in place and for working out the bubbles. It would be exactly like applying window tint.
        I did have the original screen protector still on my tablet, but didn't want to remove it completley (it was coming off around the edges) until I had experimented with a few products. Once it was removed, yes, it made a great template as well.

        I did look for generic protectors (on line), and it was still too expenisve in my eyes (maybe I am just cheap, lol). This stuff is cheap, and has been working great.

        When I was experimenting I found some 8.5 x 11 clear laminated sheets for pictures. It was adhesive backed. I tried it. It seemed that after a few days of drying the screen started to get a cloudy/milky white cast to it. I could only assume it was from the adhesive and the soap/water mixture reacting with eachother. I had tried it just with the sheet, no spray, and that was a bubble disaster.



          Thanks for the great ideas. Will give them a try. Wish I had seen this post a few months ago . I paid $8.99 for a 7" screen cover for my Nextbook on **** from a company in China. Took a month to get it. Then I saw at Walmart you can buy the clear vinyl in 3 packs of 10" for $12.99 and it includes a generic template for a 7" tablet.

          These are non-adhesive and work by static. Took forever to get the bubbles out. Next time I'll try the soap and water trick.



            Our friend, Big Lots, is selling Duracell screen covers for iPad for about $6. You can cut several for a 7" tablet out of one. However, those other suggestions sound MUCH better.

            If you have a scanner, you could ALSO *SCAN* your tablet to make a template.

            As always, just throwing in MY .02 worth...

            73 DE N4RPS


              I bought a pkg of IPAD screen protectors in Roses Dept store. Cut one to fit my Polaroid.
              Tablets: Polaroid PMID 701i, PMID 4311, Zeki 10" tablet

              "God Loves You"- Arlo Guthrie


                Originally posted by cherylharrell1961 View Post
                I bought a pkg of IPAD screen protectors in Roses Dept store. Cut one to fit my Polaroid.

                Since you have a Roses, they are also a source of good cases for tablets at a good price. They also sell adhesive Velcro strips; the hook side will stick to the back of your tablet to keep it attached to the fuzzy fabric case. It won't go ANYWHERE - unless you want it to...

                73 DE N4RPS


                  Thanks so much for the info, I had read on here think it was, after I got the Polaroid about the cases from Roses so I went there and got 2. One was $5 or $8 and the other one was $8 or $10. I got one of the cases to hold it in that flips open like a book that is for e-readers etc. It is perfect for holding it and protecting it. I put the Polaroid in that. I also got a Netbook case with handles that matches the other case and use that to store it in when not in use and carry it in. And the zippered front pocket on it holds my usb and charging cords, and my manual etc. The Polaroids and Nextbooks both fit in those.
                  Tablets: Polaroid PMID 701i, PMID 4311, Zeki 10" tablet

                  "God Loves You"- Arlo Guthrie


                    I will have to try this. Dollar Tree has an iPad screen protector for a dollar.