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Lenovo K900 Intel 2GHz 5.5 Inch Cell Phone Review

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    Lenovo K900 Intel 2GHz 5.5 Inch Cell Phone Review

    Lenovo K900 appearance is full of design with 5.5 inch large screen and 6.9 mm thickness to make it maybe the most ultra-thin mobile phone you’ve ever seen.Coupled with the back of the metal wiredrawing material, as well as the surrounding metal spraying plastic and square shape, Lenovo K900 presents a full business style.
    Lenovo K900 serves up a 5.5 -inch IPS screen, although the borders is narrow enough, it is still beyond single hand operation. IPS screen features excellent visual angle but falls down in outdoors. As mass production of FHD screen, Lenovo K900 is also equipped with this configuration.
    Lenovo K900 carries Clover Trail + Intel Z2580 2 GHZ dual-core processor. Z2580 is a dual-core four thread processor features 32-bit instruction set and 32 nm process, maximum support 2 GB DDR2 memory. Lenovo K900 starts with PowerVR 544 mp2 GPU and 533 MHZ main frequency.
    Lenovo K900 Intel processor offers a zippy performance as it can reach 27770 score in Antutu benchmarking test beyond four ARM core processor. While PowerVR 544 mp2 has already proved its strength that it can easily deal with the big games and full hd videos.
    Photo shooting
    Lenovo K900 added many features in photo shooting with loads of settings like basic setting, advanced settings, photo shooting mode and more than 20 special effects. Because Lenovo K900 packs in a 13 million pixels stacked CMOS camera, it supports HDR photo shooting.
    Lenovo K900 camera lend itself very well both in detail and noise control but slightly fall down on white balance and contrast as shooting under the warm light the picture slants blue.
    Other aspects are decent as in HDR mode, the backlight can get more details and picture sharpness became higher.
    Lenovo K900, in general, is said to be the best smartphone lenovo have produced. But for Intel, Lenovo K900 is far from enough as Intel must produces more models to change the market structure.

    Lenovo K900 is very great !

    My sister bought a Lonovo K900. It is very nice and high specification.