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Y8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker [1020mAh, 5W, Bluetooth&Call Function]

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    Y8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker [1020mAh, 5W, Bluetooth&Call Function]

    Hello guys, welcome to my first review for this forum. I am active on youtube and dutch forums though, so maybe you've heard from me.

    Y8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker [1020mAh, 5W, Bluetooth&Call Function]

    Price: 22$
    Shipping: 6.8$ to the Netherlands, Singapore Post
    Shop: Tinydeal.com
    My homemade photos: http://imgur.com/a/mAxau
    My video review: http://sata.cf/y8review

    First hands-on: It was smaller than I expected. I saw some photos on the internet and it looked way bigger. I was quite dissappointed. But later, when I looked and listened some more, I realised that it was no problem at all! The box looked chinese and quite cheap, but oh well, who gives about the box. Good fact is that the battery inside the speaker is bigger then it states on the box.(600 on the box, actual battery has 1020)

    The looks of this Y8 Speaker are quite nice. The materials feels heavy and quite durable. Something which is important for a small speaker like this. You take it with you and don’t want it to break just because it’s in your bag. The buttons work and pushing the top buttons is easy. Extremely happy with everything worked just as stated on the website.

    When putting on the box the real works starts. I click the button and :”BLUETOOTH MODE ACTIVATED.” This bluetooth box actually speaks! Unfortunately, it is a Chinese woman trying to speak british. I’m not really fan of this speaking-function, but what is useful is that the led lights on the speaker show in which mode you are. Quite useful. Anyway. My phone found the speaker quite fast and the top bluetooth range is around 20 meters. Enough for my use. Next to bluetooth it has Radio, USB and 3.5MM inputs, a TF-Card slot and a charge-input. It has a call-function aswell. And the best part, they all work correctly.

    The Sound of this speaker is better than expected for this money. Especially the loudness. Max volume was loud! And that’s something I really wanted. When you have it on a average volume the sound is quite clear and pleasant. On max volume, some noise and crunches appear. Especially when the song quality isn’t the best. It’s more then expected and that’s great. It also has quite a nice bass for this size, although the feel of it isn’t real. But hey, all together i’m really happy.

    It has a battery of 1020 mAh. A bit too little for a speaker, but you can charge it in 2-3 hours and also replace it if you really want to.

    -Material is durable.
    -All functions work properly
    -Sounds quality is above expectation
    -Max volume is loud, quite loud.
    -Lots of extra options and functions.
    -Bluetooth mode works in a range of about 20 meters.
    -The looks are nice and the size is good

    -Bad quality songs may give noise or cracking sounds.
    -Quality on max volume isn’t pleasant to hear.
    -Small than expected
    -Box looks cheap
    -Voice (personal)

    Totals: 8/10

    I also made a video review: Check it out? http://sata.cf/y8review


    its look good, i must have one