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{NEW} Vensmile i10 Windows 10 TV box Review

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    {NEW} Vensmile i10 Windows 10 TV box Review

    Hi Guys & girls,
    This Review is for the Vensmile i10,Kindly sent to me from Gearbest to review, Thank you gearbest.

    It arrived to me in the uk in 5 working days via DHL with £18 customs tax's to pay "ouch".This is most iv ever paid in tax's & charges with the lowest being £3.60 & this one at the most of £18.

    So if you do decide to have it shipped to the EU via DHL be prepared to pay some custom charges.

    The Vensmile i10 Mini PC is powered by the Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail CPU processor. This Quad core processor that clocks in at a base frequency of 1.33GHz, and a burst frequency of 1.83GHz. It has a built in Intel HD Graphics chip that runs at 311MHz. The OS running on this is Windows 10 which is a great option for many people because many people want to have a small form factor computer running Windows 10.

    The i10 comes in a round cylinder type case thats made from metal that should help with the cooling,Also on the cooling front theres a good sized heat sink covering the processor that has a small fan wich runs all the time wile the box is on, it does make some sound but it wont bug you as you can hardly hear it Its good to see a small fan in a tv box like this.

    On the front of the box there's a power button,power LED,mic, & the integrated 2MP camera that will enable you to capture 1080p images, All this makes the device perfect for making video calls using Skype & also with the mic its perfect for asking cortina intresting things.

    The top & the bottom of the box does have vents in to alow air flow so it looks like they have realy thought about the active cooling of this device.
    The rear of the i10 has 4 full sized USB ports,Ethernet port (RJ45), HDMI, headphone jack,Micro sd card slot and power adapter port.


    The Vensmile i10 has a 6330 WiFi module 802.11 a/b/g/n which is also dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The i10 also has Bluetooth 4.0 to alow you to connect to any bluetooth devices you may have.
    Now lets turn this on,From pushing the power button to the device is fully powerd on takes arout 15/20 seconds to boot up so theres nothing slow about the boot time.

    Once it was booted i was took to the windows home screen, there was no setting it up like location time zone ect ect i would guess that this has been upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 in house at gearbest.
    One of the first things i did was to do a driver back up using double driver its a very easy program to back up & restore all your drivers my driver back up below.!UhEAwbyZ!5gODyvh6e5...d6_e7zjP-E9P9Q
    Lets got some of the windows updates out of the way, that took about 1 hour after a few reboots & im now all up to date.
    The webcam & mic work great it a nice touch to have them built in on a device like this.After a bit of voice training i then set up Cortina the windows asistant lol this is some fun to sit at your desk ant start asking your computor things asking it things,It works very well.some times i found my self asking it a few times.
    Things iv tested so far are

    Kodi works very well iv streamed 1080p from the net & my home network with no issues
    Samsung M3 un powered 1TB hard drive (Works)
    64GB Micro SD Card (Works)
    Tronsmart Mars G01 game pad (Works)
    Tech Stuff
    Disc Management

    Lan Speed Test


    Sensor Test

    About Screen

    Iv tested the normal game i test like Asphalt 8 & Beach buggy racing both played very well indeed no problems whats so ever & thats with the graphics set to high,The game loading time was very fast compaied to any Android device & with the help of the tiny built in fan there was not even a hint of the i10 getting hot
    Internal Photos

    Below you can see the 4cm Fan covering the heat sink.It does the job perfect

    In this photo iv removed the Fan & heat sink,You can see the processor along with the Samsung memory


    Vensmile i10 Technical Specifications

    Model Name: Wintel Mini PC Compute Stick
    CPU: Intel Bay Trail CR Z3735F, Quad Core, 1.8GHz
    GPU: Intel HD Graphic (Gen7)
    Cooling: Built in Fan
    HDMI: HDMI type D, 1080P
    Memory: DDR3L 2GB
    Storage: eMMC 32GB
    Camera: 2.0MP
    Microphone: Support
    Wireless LAN: WIFI (802.11 b/g/n), dual band 2.4G & 5.8G
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
    OS: Windows 10


    Audio Jack x 1
    USB Host x 4
    TF Card Slot x 1
    HDMI port x 1
    RJ45 x 1
    DC-in x 1

    Power Adaptor

    Input: 100-240V
    Output: 5V/2A


    Diameter: 86mm
    Height: 138mm
    Package Dimensions: 18.5*16*10cm
    Net Weight: 330g
    Shipping Weight: 750g

    For more info & to buy the Vensmile i10 take a look Here

    Very Basic Unboxing video

    More to come
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    Hello I have a g2 mini PC clones of i10, i activate a bad option on bios setting. now I cannot any more used port usb. you can send me bios. To restore my bios to default with my CH341A usb programmer. thanks


      Hi cruchot ,

      is it not possible to reset the BIOS to default Settings ???




        no don't jumper cmos for clear, shortcut don't work on pin of chipset, unplug batterie don't work to


          Vensmile i10 Bios tested and working

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            I have been using one for several months with no issues then last asked to allow update some 18 hours late it has the message
            ‘Restoring your previous version of Windows ....” Any suggestions
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              Hello! How i can disassemble this device?


                Originally posted by nkurta View Post
                Hello! How i can disassemble this device?
                The screws are under the rubber pads on the bottom.

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