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Review of eCandy BBZ-002 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

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    Review of eCandy BBZ-002 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

    The eCandy BBZ-002 is a cost-effective wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling set of headphones targeted towards both your price conscious consumer and the audio enthusiast. The wireless headset features a lightweight architecture in-ear design which securely fits whilst you are moving during your gym routine, jogging or even on your daily commute!

    Convenience and Efficiency
    To compliment your fitness needs, the eCandy BBZ-002 headphones feature a durable silicon design and sweat-proof on-screen battery meter which store an amazing 6-hours talk-time and music play-back. Conveniently, the eCandy BBZ-002’s retained up to 150 hours’ standby time during our lab tests which involved us intermittently checking the device and battery life.

    Sound Quality
    There is more than just battery life which should convince you to utilize the BBZ-002’s as your preferred source of music whilst on the move. The eCandy BBZ-002 earphones transmit deep beats over an easy-to-sync Bluetooth 4.0 channel which, combined with in-ear noise-cancelling design, enhance your music experience.

    To compliment the amazing sound quality, the BBZ-002 is available in a full spectrum of colors so you will be sure to find what suits your attire and personality!

    If you would like to get one, here is the discount code for it, Coupon code: 96PZ8BAF for 30% off.