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The NEXBOX T10 Mini PC(Intel Z8300) - A User's Review...

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    I don´t saw this setup bits when I turned on my T10. My W10 was already ready, like if somebody already installed it before.

    I have my T10 now working with the USB 3.0 Gigabit card that I buyed but I feel sad that I cannot use directly the integrated lan card, At least this is a problem that have this easy solution,

    I don´t know if is a hardware or sofware problem, but all that I tried until know, not works. I start to think that at the end will ve a hardware problem, but perhaps I´m wrong and the problem is that we don´t touch the right key until now.


      zulu Saw something that you may be interested in. See here.


        RISCy Dude Thanks a lot for continue trying to help me!! But I think that is too dangerous/risky try drivers from other computer. I writed a post in http://www.inexbox.com/ to try that they can let me know where I can dowload the full set of drivers to try again. I will keep you updated if they give me the solution.


          I understand. Hopefully NEXBOX will have a solution.
          Thanks for keeping me posted.


            RISCy Dude Hi again!! I found the solution for the LAN card. One user (Cremoso) in other forum, let me know the problem and solution. The problem aren´t the drivers, the real problem is that the LAN card arrives without MAC address inserted (his value appears like :00:00:00:00:00) and this carency of MAC address causes that the LAN card not works. The solution is easy, use a program that apply a random new MAC address and change it, after this arrangement the lan card starts to work propertly. I hope that this solution also helps to other users that receive the T10 with the same problem. I used the program "MAC Address changer" but you can found a lot of programs in google that do this work.

            I want to let you know that I´m very grateful with you for the time that you losed and was fighting with me looking to found the solution. Thanks a lot!!


              Hello zulu, Glad to do it.

              Also glad to learn you found a solution. Thanks for sharing the fix, this will help others.
              I will add a note to the review regarding this issue and solution.

              Have fun, cheers.



                Live booting Linux distros from the T10 works, but no sound over HDMI, no WiFi and no Bluetooth. USB dongles worked for sound, BT, and WiFi.

                Linuxium has assembled some ISO's with modified kernels for some Bay Trail and Cherry Trail devices.

                I tested one of the 16.10 ISOs on the T10, and while on board WiFi and BT still do not work, sound over HDMI does.

                Personally, the sound fix was the priority, so no complaints here.

                Big thanks to Linuxium.


                  Hi all!
                  Is it possible to make T10 to power on automatically without pressing power button? I want to use it as mini server.


                    Hi guys, Do you note that this box is almost same as RKM MK36S from Rikomagic, same CPU Intel Z8300, same RAM,& ROM,OS....?


                      Hello, Not having the RKM device you mentioned, I cannot know. Perhaps comparing photos and info from the original post will help you narrow it down.


                        Hello, i have t10, How to install windows 7 from a usb drive? I can not boot from usb disk


                          Hello midoor, Welcome to Freaktab.

                          I have learned from others that Windows 7 may suffer driver issues on the T10.

                          Are you familiar with the T10's BIOS and options?



                            Thank you for your welcome, I have a license on windows 7, I want to try it on my t10, into the bios you get "f2", but I do not know what to do next to boot the usb disk, forgive me for my bad English.


                              I have not installed another OS on the T10. The lack of Windows 7drivers, leads me to strongly suggest that you reconsider.

                              Without drivers, many things may not work. Getting back may be problematic.

                              It is risky.
                              If you continue, you do so at your own risk. I reject any responsibility for the actions of others.
                              I will not be able to help you if it goes wrong.

                              With the USB disk connected...
                              From the BIOS Front Page, click Boot Manager. If the USB drive is bootable, it should show up there as an option.

                              Also may need to enable USB Boot...

                              From the BIOS Front Page...
                              Select Setup Utility
                              Click Boot tab
                              Enable USB Boot.


                                Why not just keep the Windows 10 it came with? Have you got a copy of your Windows 10 key?