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    khadas tone board

    Hi-Res Audio Board Designed for Music Fanatic.
    Khadas Tone Board is an amazing USB external Hi-Fi sound card in Khadas family.
    Its excellent performance and compatibility will take the listening experience into a whole new level.
    And that’s just the beginning…

    Click image for larger version

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    Key Performance Parameters:
    THD+N ≤ 0.000337%
    Tone Board has excellent THD+N parameter that means we can
    barely hear the distortion over the THD+N signal ratio.​

    SNR ≥ 120dB
    The higher the SNR means the clearer the sound in audio system.
    Generally, the SNR need to be lower than 110 dB in Hi-Res audio system.​

    DNR ≥ 120dB
    The DNR which let’s hear a wide range and very subtle sounds,
    meanwhile, the sound field is horizontal and vertical,
    and the sense of space and layering is like a live concert.​

    Crosstalk (Channel Separation) ≥ 127dB
    The higher the crosstalk separation, the higher the isolation level of the
    left and right channel so that you can get stunning stereo effects.​

    Frequency Response ± 0.08dB
    Tone Board can output stable enough signals at each frequency point. For the bass,
    the low frequency sound is enough but not boom and no dryness, and the alto,
    the person’s Voice of middle frequency is close to the front,
    the tooth sound is clear and it has the high definition and
    the degree of separation, finally the treble is not sharp
    and it’s transparent with depth.​

    Sample Rate and Compatibility.

    The XMOS USB audio to ensure a rock-solid connection. We selected to use the
    XMOS XU208 microcontroller for its stability, powerful functionality,
    and its reliability. You can be sure that the Tone Board will just
    work when connected to most audio sources,
    such as computers and mobile media terminals.​

    Ultra-low Phase Noise Clock Jitter.
    The SiTime ultra performance oscillator SiT820&8209 series with just 0.5ps phase jitter
    and output frequency stability as low as ± 10PPM. We chose it as a reference clock
    in our audio system so that the data clock jitter < 30ps.

    Inherit Khadas Consistent Breakthrough Design.
    We integrated XMOS advanced multi-core RISC architecture microcontroller and ESS flagship 32-Bit stereo mobile audio
    DAC ES9038Q2M in such a small PCB. And, we choose 3 independent high performance OPA and
    4 ultra-low phase jitter oscillator for best noise reduction. The same as you think,
    each power supply path is powered by an independent, ultra-low noise
    power supply and the OPA is powered up to ±5.5V.
    There are a lot of examples of such designs, but in general,
    we try our best to get better performance through optimal design.

    Flexible Interfaces Support Secondary Development
    Khadas aspires to help the DIY enthusiasts grow by achieving their ideas and dreams step by step, as well as Tone Board.
    Khadas Tone Board has 2 RCAs for analog output @ 2.0Vrms
    and 1 RCA for S/PDIF in or out.

    For Extension:
    One 30-Pins FPC Connector for 8 Channels Analog Output ExtensionTwo 10-Pins FPC Connectors for OLED Display and I2S ExtensionAnd Others:
    One 40-Pins Female header is used for connecting VIMsOne 20-Pins SMT Header for debugging XMOS and VIMsOf course, users can enjoy Tone Board via USB-C interface and Tone Board is a ideally choice for audio developers for obvious reasons.

    Why i bought the khadas tone...
    Its hot these day's and like my combi phone with dragonfly and headphone

    But at home both dragonfly are being used by the libreelec unit's
    *using a micro usb to female usb cable connected to otg port
    every day connecting and disconnecting seems not ideal
    hmmm...i don't consider my self as audiophile
    but then again..i do have allot of gadgets and most of my audio are flac files
    headphones : sennheiser (595) / beyerdynamic (custom / dt770 pro / ?? ) / fiil / meizu ep51 / Xiaomi / metrofi / sol
    fiio k11 and 9?
    Usb dac's : audioquest new and old black edition / khadas tone bord vim edition / bunch of 2 dollar 5.1 dacs
    audioquest jitterbug
    1.Tone board using supplied Usb C cable to otg port S805 running libreelec 7 = no power led
    2.Tone board using supplied Usb C cable to otg port S802 running libreelec 9 = no power led
    Is tone board using more power then the dragonfly's ?
    3.Tone connected using usb port = sound has allot of distortion
    *specially during loud songs cracking...but during no sound distortion?
    4.Same on s802
    5.Tone connected to jitterbug connected to usb port s805 = same distortion
    Usb y cable : male usb (power) / micro usb (data) / female usb (for usb dac)
    6. Usb otg s805 to y cable / usb adapter to usb male y / usb female to tone = again distortion
    7.Usb y cable : usb male (to power adapter) / usb 3 male (data to otg ) / usb3 female to tone = distortion
    8.Usb y cable : usb male (to powerbank) / micro usb male (data to otg ) / usb3 female to tone = distortion
    9.connecting tone to ASUS tabled or phone = perfect sound (So, unit is not faulty... nor is the usb c cable )
    *I can confirm that the unit works with usb audio player pro
    10.Usb c to poweradaptor / spdif to s805 to tone spdif in-Port = no audio
    *hmm.. spdif is non optical? tried steps 6/7/8 on s802 =distortion
    It's not going well.. when it comes to libreelec device compability

    11. Testing powerusage :
    Phone charged to 90% in flight mode - usb audio player - play audio 1 hour
    Khadas tone : 68%
    Dragonfly : 85%
    It's definitely using alot more power
    Hmm... khadas forum...says i should change my poweradaptor... (currently using FSP 5v 3a laptop adapter on 805)
    But currently i don't have any spare 5v adapter..laying around
    Got my self a new adapter.. 5v 3a , testing tomorrow

    However the sound quality is quite good :
    my current favorite : black 1.2 then tone board then black 1.5

    More to come?
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      Hmm..Ohh dear
      I totaly forget about this thread..never completing review

      The amlogic 802.. RIP (kids)

      My perfect audio solution:
      Allwinner h6 (usb3 port ) --> hp displaylink --> khadas tone board
      -HP Displaylink also works on other tvboxes.. aka..clean audio on all devices

      Changing power adaptors.. on tv boxes.. is a hit and miss
      -aka you need to be really lucky ( tvbox --> tone board )

      As I got a new phone.. I also got a new dac the Meizu hifi pro..
      -So, small but really good audio and clean audio from any tvbox its connected to

      I can still say.. the audio from the tone board is amazing
      Last edited by mitchell4you; 11-20-2020, 07:13.



        Tone Series DFU Tool (only works with v2.00 firmware and higher)

        Download Link:

        Why does the Tone1 need the v2.00 firmware upgrade?:

        Tone1’s latest software update includes a new USB Driver and DFU Tool (v4.86), and we’ve listed the most important changes below:
        • Seamless compatibility with the Khadas Audio Dashboard (Windows Tray Tool)
        • Tone Series DFU Tool can upgrade both Tone1 and Tone2 devices
        • Use both Tone1 and Tone2 simultaneously, without reinstalling drivers
        • Unique Khadas VID (Vendor-ID, Khadas is now a registered USB-IF Member)
        • Unique Khadas Manufacturer Name

        In previous driver versions, you may have noticed that the USB-VID was the XMOS-VID, and the PID was for an XMOS evaluation product. Our new firmware helps to differentiate Khadas products from XMOS by including a unique VID and PID.

        What is the Khadas Audio Dashboard?

        The Khadas Audio Dashboard is a Windows Tray Tool included with the Tone2’s USB driver installation, and allows you to change a variety of settings related to the performance of your Tone1 or Tone2 DAC.

        In addition, by updating your Tone1’s firmware to v2.00, you can use *both* your Tone1 and Tone2 simultaneously with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and the Khadas Audio Dashboard.

        Please note that v1.0x firmware will not work with the Khadas Audio Dashboard ?nor the Tone Series DFU Tool), and you will need to follow this guide to update your Tone1’s firmware.

        Khadas Audio Dashboard (only works with v2.00 firmware and higher)

        Download Link:

        How do I upgrade my Tone1’s firmware to v2.00?

        1. First, download the legacy DFU tool from

        2. Unpack the .zip file and double-click on setup_eval.exe to install the legacy DFU tool.

        3. Once installed, navigate to Start Menu\Thesycon\TUSBAudio Firmware Upgrade.

        4. Connect your Tone1, you should see the manufacturer listed as “XMOS”, product as “Khadas Tone Control”, and a firmware version of “v1.04” or later.

        5. Download the Tone1 v2.00 firmware from, and unpack it.

        6. Using the legacy DFU upgrade tool, press “Browse”, then navigate to Tone1’s v2.00 firmware folder and select the firmware, next press “Open”.

        7. Press “Start”. Updating your Tone1’s firmware may take a minute or two. After updating, the legacy DFU tool will no longer detect your Tone1.

        8. Navigate to Control Panel\Apps & Features\, and uninstall the legacy DFU tool.

        9. Install the Khadas Audio Dashboard (works for both Tone1 and 2, link:

        10. Open the Khadas Audio Dashboard, it will be in your Windows System Tray. You should see USB Audio Device: Tone1, Revision: v2.00.

        11. In future, use the new Tone Series DFU Tool to upgrade your Tone1’s firmware.

        Tone Series DFU Tool (only works with v2.00 firmware and higher)

        Download Link:

        What are the changes in Device Info?

        • Old: XMOS
        • New: Khadas

        • Old: Khadas Tone Control
        • New: Tone1

        USB driver & DFU:
        • Old: v2.xx (Common XMOS Evaluation)
        • New: v4.86 (with licensing)

        When will the Tone2 be released?

        By now you must be wondering…”Wait a minute, isn’t this driver upgrade also about the Tone2?” - and yes, you’re correct! When you install this latest driver package for your Tone1, it will also make the transition to Tone2 seamless, as the USB driver and DFU tool works for both devices!

        For further enquiries, if you’re from the press, an audio product reviewer, or if you’re a distributor looking to distribute the Tone2, you may email us directly at [email protected].

        Thanks for reading!

        Khadas Team

        Relevant Links:
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          So, I did not know.. you could upgrade the firmware on this unit
          mine was still running V5 c6
          So... thanks for the heads-up

          But now the bad news..
          I upgraded to v2 as stated above... But now it No longer gives out any sound on android/libreelec devices
          Audio on windows = yes
          tvbox --> audio on USB audio pro = yes ( but with hardware and software volume max... barely any sound )

          So, don't this version 2!

          Used Dfu Tool to Downgrade to firmware 1.0.4
          -Now everything is working again!
          Last edited by mitchell4you; 11-21-2020, 14:27.


            Now Available..the new Groovy and fast looking: TONE2Pro

            Tone2 Pro Highlights:
            • Winning Formula: Tone2 Pro continues on with the time-tested ESS ES9038Q2M DAC
            • Full Hardware MQA Decoding: XMOS XU216 for hardware MQA decoding
            • Compact and portable size: Take your Hi-Fi music with you anywhere, anytime
            • Volume Knob: Physical rotate-push encoder, for mode-selection and volume control on-the-go
            • Balanced Line-Out: Left and right balanced-RCA jacks for balanced line-out
            • Dual USB-C ports: Use an optional 5V linear power supply with the second port
            Dual Headphone Jacks: 4.4mm balanced jack, with an additional 3.5mm single-end jack

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