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Onikuma k6 gaming headphones

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    Onikuma k6 gaming headphones

    Onikuma K6 gaming headset review:

    Onikuma has a good range of gaming accessories, focusing mainly on gaming headsets, keyboard, and mice.

    It's styled for gamers who like RGB lighting, but when it comes down to game time, how does it sound? The headset itself seems very sturdy . nicely made and the earcups are heavily padded .

    You will need the adapter for your xbox one if that is your gaming choice .

    The lights are another plus for some they look very cool in a darkened room.

    The haedphones seemed they would be a bit heavy at first but wearing them posed no issue at all. Here are some of the specs .

    Drivers 50 mm
    Audio Stereo
    Sensitivity 108 dB +/- 3 dB
    Speaker impedance 32Ω
    Speaker frequency range 20 Hz to 20 KHz
    Mic diameter 60 mm
    Mic sensitivity -38 dB +/- 3 dB
    Mic frequency range 100Hz to 16 KHz
    Connection Split 3.5 mm cable

    You would think they would be a bit bulky and awkward after a while of wearing but they are not . for the price they are really worth it .There's a cool kind of turbine design in black and white that stays on, but with the USB-A port plugged in and the mic enabled on the inline remote, you get an accent that switches between red, green, blue, purple, yellow and teal. It's a great addition for anyone who wants their gaming gear to light up, and you can always unplug the USB-A cable to go dark.

    The headset has about an eight- or nine-foot braided cable that splits at the bottom for USB and 3.5 mm, and there's another splitter included in the box if you're using the headset with your PC. As for consoles, you'll only get the extra lighting if you plug in with USB, in a lot of cases that isn't possible because you're hooked up to your controller. For those of you using the first-generation Xbox One controllers, for full function.

    The dual stereo speakers aren't going to match the sound from a headset that costs $100 and up,but they worked without flaw. They get loud, they stay clear, and the rotating microphone can be put up when not in use. The thick padding around the cups also does a decent job of cutting out ambient sound.

    You would not expect such a setup for the price . I was very impressed by the quality of them. The sound is nice ,they are very comfortable and they just look cool when the lights are out.​The best option seems to be for the PC simply because of the usb ports for the lights . but using them on your xbox or playstation is still very nice.

    The only issue I came across a couple of times was mic looping, where others in my party could hear my audio coming across the mic. This only happened when I had game sound cranked up, and moving the mic away from my face — it has a long flexible arm in addition to rotating up when not in use — also seemed to help the problem. The mic is sensitive enough that it will still pick up your voice even if it's not directly in front of your mouth.

    All around you really can’t beat the headset . I mean for the price you can’t go wrong . very well made and just a good looking piece of equipment all around .

    Heres where they can be purchased


    So if your in the market for some headphones for gaming and don’t have a big budget then these are for you . I have truly enjoyed them and I’m not really one to use headphones of this nature. Super impressed,thanks again for for checking out this review and I hope you grab a pair of these bad boys for yourself or someone you love .

    Mike Anderson(tattman65)

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