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    So, for the first time in my life...i get a SMS from DHL : your parcel number xxxxx will be delivered 21nov (me.. )
    followed by a second sms... your parcel will be deliverd as soon as you pay the import tax ( my parcel has been taken hostage ? )
    with info to site and password
    *the also incl adminstration fee 9bucks ( should the not give a men would think DHL delivery comes with no hidden costs )

    is this normale practice.... these days (it feels a lot like blackmail )

    note: normally... I get card: your parcel can be collected at grocery store nearby import tax due xx to be paid at store

    DHL FAQ:
    If you you use our Global Payment Portal prevents delays in the delivery of your parcel
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    Yes customs takes everyone hostage 😃
    Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


      This is normal in the uk for DHL I get it all the time.

      I pay it at never had a problem

      You was lucky to only pay 9 bucks though iv paid anything from £4 up to £19

      It seems to make no difference whats written on the package you either pay up or don't get your package

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        I have read that if you push them enough you can refuse to pay their administration fee and only the customs charges and still get delivery.

        I tend to pay around a fiver for customs charges, which is not bad really.

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          In Germany the same thing !
          DHL always want 15 Buck for a Shipment if it went trough Customs.
          Can be sometimes very expensive.



            Well...after receiving sms... i payed
            Just a few minutes ago... the parcel got delivered

            I dont mind.. the tax (much) as i did a calculation using the online import tax calc prior to buying
            And took the risk/gamble... by using dhl, as i desired the device quickly
            But, the way i got approached..
            Normally.. i just pay at store... and there...i stop thinking about the costs... but not this time

            I might stop using dhl...

            Anyway... thanks for sharing your experience...