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Happy Birthday Perseverance !!!!!!!!!

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    Happy Birthday Perseverance !!!!!!!!!

    One Month successful Journey
    February 2021 is closer

    Just my thoughts
    There is already life in the universe/microscopic organisms count in my books.

    When the Rover touches down in that Lake Bed
    I predict they will find fossils similar to Arthropods..
    Horseshoe Crab here on Earth
    Magic Blue Blood

    Share your Thoughts/Predictions

    I'm not sure...
    If NASA doesnt find :
    Helium 3 or any other rare material/fuel ( good for mining )
    or Alien live... or alien skulls/fossils or beter a humen skul or proof of a old civilization
    Or proof of alien tech

    If the dont find those listed above...
    Then in mine opinion.. it not worth goning to Mars
    -this project allready cost $2.4 billion
    --another $300 million for operational costs once the rover lands

    Why not start.. with Humens on the Moon... or why not start with a real Starcraft

    Just some thoughts


      China,Russia,and India are staking claims on the Moon now for Helium 3 reportedly....

      Read an article yesterday AD Astra 1996 about Mars and still hold true to today.

      Mars is rich in Minerals/Ores/Raw material in form easy to extract ....
      Apparently not Much Helium 3

      However and abundance of Deuterium (Heavy Water or something like that, small amounts in our Oceans Difficult to Extract)

      Which is used for fuel and Prototype Fusion Reactors
      Since Man cant be trusted

      Unfortunately is used by Military so instead of clean non radioactive
      Will probably be used for Weapon Development

      Mars is where we are next to colonize
      Maybe we are just heading back to where we Started

      To Many Episodes Of Ancient Aliens


        Great Job NASA !!!!

        Hidden Binary in Parachute Pattern..

        Most Excellent!!!!!

        Wonder what OS they are using?

        Wonder if Linux Kernel?


          Originally posted by freddy View Post
          Great Job NASA !!!!

          Wonder what OS they are using?
          Wonder if Linux Kernel?



            Thank you hannah

            Great Read

            That is also Most Excellent!!!!!!

            Linux On Mars !!!!!