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Polaroid PMID701C Information Thread

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    Polaroid PMID701C Information Thread

    Live Suite - Program for flashing firmware images on Allwinner A10 Tablets

    KKRomkit - Installs Clockworkmod onto the PMID701c (Touch controls do not work.)

    Live Suite Roms:
    Onda Gingerbread
    Onda ICS

    Clockworkmod Roms:

    How to flash Live Suite roms:
    1. Prepare Live Suite by loading up a Live Suite compatible image.
    2. Turn off your tablet.
    3. Hold the menu button and plug your tablet into the computer while still holding the button.
    4. When the dialog pops up, press the format option for a fresh install.
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    Clockwork Mod ROM

    Thank you for your above ClockworkMod file "Stock" (

    My PMID701C very early on got stuck in a boot loop and I installed the Onda 2.3.4. Install CWM and backed up the tablet.

    Using CWM, I installed your "Stock" file and the tablet is back to original OS with the unexpected benefit of the previously installed programs and settings are in tact! Plus, I have the program apk files available from both versions now (Onda -backed up- and Polaroid - /system/preinstall). I was prepared to have to re-install everything again. Also, widgets from both versions are available now.

    Southern Telecom should be given "two thumbs up" on their improvements as well as the needed time to provide updates to both 2.3.4 and 4.0.

    What was also immediately apparent is the higher display quality of the Polaroid version.

    Thank you for all your time and work.

    - Jim



      Glad I could help solve your problem with your tablet. I have now created a Live Suite image of the stock rom if you want to go check that out over in the Polaroid Tablet section titled "Polaroid Stock Rom".