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Medion Lifetab E10604 Oreo root MT8735A?

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    Medion Lifetab E10604 Oreo root MT8735A?

    Dear folks need your help.

    I could save OTA zip with scatter inside:

    preloader 0x0
    pgpt 0x0
    proinfo 0x80000
    nvram 0x380000
    protect1 0x880000
    protect2 0x1280000
    lk 0x1c80000
    para 0x1d00000
    boot 0x1d80000
    recovery 0x2d80000
    logo 0x3d80000
    expdb 0x4580000
    seccfg 0x4f80000
    oemkeystore 0x5000000
    secro 0x5200000
    keystore 0x5800000
    tee1 0x6000000
    tee2 0x6500000
    frp 0x6a00000
    nvdata 0x6b00000
    odmdtbo 0x8b00000
    metadata 0x9b00000
    vendor 0xc000000
    system 0x2c000000
    cache 0xcc000000
    userdata 0xe5000000
    flashinfo 0xFFFF0084
    sgpt 0xFFFF0004

    All I would like to do is save boot.img! Anyone could assist?

    Meine Frage: Wie kann ich denn per Readback daraus das boot.img sichern? Es soll dieser soc sein: MT8735A

    boot 0x1d80000 is startadress I guess but how to dump boot.img?