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Installing MTK Drivers - Some Problems Solved

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    Have you tried to poweron to see if it was successfull?


      Myphone rio craze hardbricked during flashing the stock rom cant reflash using sp flash tool because the mediatek preloader usb vcom port keeps connecting and disconnecting after a few seconds plss help tnx in advance really miss my phone


        Be's normal!!!
        Start spflashtool select right file for your phone push download button THEN connect your phone powered off to usb 2.0 port wait and you'll see spflashtool uploading file...good luck!


          Now Download All In One USB Driver: Click Here




              [QUOTE=ac0935p;n18191]In common with me, some users have reported problems getting the drivers installed. Here is long-winded but reliable method that I have put together for Windows 7 after much fiddling and googling...
              1. Start menu, type cmd in search programs and files
              2. cmd.exe will appear in the programs list right-click on cmd.exe and choose Run as Administrator
              3. In the command session type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 and press enter
              4. In the command session type devmgmt.msc and press enter
              5. The Device Manager console will appear
              6. In Device Manager click on View and choose Show Hidden Devices
              7. If there is list entry Ports (COM & LPT) expand it
                1. If there is an entry MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COMn) then the driver is already installed
                2. Right click on the entry and choose Uninstall
                3. The uninstall dialogue box appears
                4. Check Delete the driver software for this device and click OK
                5. The MediaTek device will be uninstalled
                6. If this was the ONLY port listed, the list entry Ports (COM & LPT) will also disappear (DON'T PANIC)
              8. Ensure your CUBE is POWERED OFF (wait for vibration to show it is completely off)
              9. Attach the powered off cube to the computer via USB
              10. The computer will start to install the drivers, but will probably report Device Driver software was not successfully installed.
              11. Click on the balloon message and a message box will say MT65xx Preloader No Driver Found
              12. Return to the Device Manager
              13. There should be a list entry Other Devices - expand it.
                1. Find the child list entry MT65xx Preloader
                2. Right click and choose Update Software Driver...
                3. Update Driver Software dialogue is displayed
                4. Choose Browse my computer for driver software
                5. In the Browse for driver software dialogue click browse and navigate to the download location where you extracted the ROM's zip file content.
                6. Navigate to the sub-folder containing the *.inf files.
                7. Click Next
                8. Windows may prompt saying Windows can't verify the publish of this driver software
                  1. Choose Install this driver software anyway
                9. Windows should say Installing Driver Software
                10. Windows will then say Windows has finished installing the driver software for this device: MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port
                11. Unplug and replug the CUBE
                12. Windows will start installing the driver instance
                  1. Sometimes the install will fail
                  2. Click the balloon message and message box will say Install failed - device unplugged
                  3. Unplug and replug the CUBE and things should be OK
              14. Return to the Device Manager
              15. There should now be a list entry Ports (COM & LPT)
              16. Expand this item and it should contain MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COMn)
              Remember when you want to use the SP Flash Tool you must plug the CUBE into the same USB Port - else another driver instance will be installed. The good news is that once you have successfully installed the driver all the other USB ports should automatically pick up the driver without having to go through the palaver above.

              Remember you only have to use this long-winded approach if you get problems installing the drivers...

              Easy way to install mtk drivers in computer,

              goto <a href=""></a>