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Nexus 7 Phone Capabilites.

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    Nexus 7 Phone Capabilites.

    The Nexus 7 can be used to make free phone calls & SMS in the USA. To make out of US calls, you'll need to purchase minutes.

    1.You need the free Google Voice account, and you need to be signed into it.
    2. You need to download Talkatone from the Market.
    3. Once installed, click on Talkatone. It will open up a normal phone dialer.
    4.Within the application, you also have access to your Google contacts.
    5. Remember, the Nexus 7 has 2 microphones. With practice you'll learn the best position to place the Nexus so your voice sounds clear.
    6. You'll also need to adjust your volume settings (I suggest you download the free Equalizer program), it will sound like speaker phone... or you can wear headphones for privacy.

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    I wonder if a Bluetooth headset with mic would work. Noticed the manual says headset instead of headphone, always thought headset included microphone. Mr. Language person here.


      Good thinking. Have to try the Bluetooth.