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Neomode Custom Rom U30GT2 Android 4.4 Version 0.9

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    Neomode Custom Rom U30GT2 Android 4.4 Version 0.9

    Hello Folks,

    Here i bring you Android KitKat for the U30GT2.
    This Rom is Ported from the Pipo U8 Android 4.4 Firmware.
    I have removed all Bload Apps, the Rom is rooted and has init.d Support.

    Software Installed:

    datFM File Manager
    No-Frills CPU Controlling
    Terminal Emulator
    FreakBrowser Freaktab Web Browser in Desktop Mode with Flash Support

    What Works ?

    - Wifi
    - Bluetooth
    - Sound
    - HDMI Out

    What not Work ?

    - Camera

    The Tablet comes with some extra Modules to Support

    - NTFS
    - CIF
    - Some USB Lan Adapter

    Uploading right now needs one Hour to finished.
    20140102 - 23:44



    And how is it? Does it runs fast? Laguy like the original ROMs? Stable?



      it breaks my u30gt2!
      Error:download idb failed
      now my tablet don't even boot up.
      how do i fix it?


        Hi Neomode,

        Any hope that we could get a NEW ROM from you with KITKAT for our CX-919 v2.0?

        I am asking because Finless Already have released today a New KITKAT ROM for the CX-919 with AP6210, and hope we will see your Neomode KitKat soon.

        Althrough the Finless KitKat ROM is from the Tronsmart BETA, apparently is working OK, but it is not final and could have some little APPs incompatiblity problems...

        As you already mentioned, that you are testing KITKAT and improving it's operating speed, I really hope that you could manage your time to launch your CX-919 AP6210 version soon!

        Thanks for all your help and hard work!!



          I've already downloaded the rom. It is NOT meant to be flashed via recovery.

          - Flashed with RKAndroidTool 1.37.

          - Starting for the first time. Is it using kernel OC #38? ("welcome" logo in boot).
          - Bootanimation is a sphere. Simple and nice.
          - 100% supporting my language (Spanish).
          - The following restarts are fast. Ladys and gentlemen, this boots fast!.
          - No option for multi-window, not even possibility to set/unset HD resolution.
          - Red kitkat wallpaper on the homescreen.
          - Camera app, indeed works, but it is buggy and weird. Not usable. Don't launch it. It seems to interfere with accelerometers.
          - Upgrading (g)apps
          - Info: Model Nexus 7. Android Version: 4.4. Base band: unknown?. Compilation: Neomode Custom Rom U30GT2 - 02-01-2014.
          - Rooted (SuperSU). Running at 1,6Ghz, Governor Interactive, I/O Scheduler CFQ.
          - Installed Dolphin Browser. Web browsing test. Performance is indeed quite improved. I've set Dolphin agent as "Desktop" in order to load the "full" version of web pages. This is moving guys!.
          - First problem: after a while, auto-rotate stopped working. Let's restart. Ok, it seems that this rom has a serious issue with accelerometers. It just gives up using them!.
          - Volume keys are very responsive.
          - Trying games now
          - Fast downloading!. Testing Temple Run 2. It runs very smooth, but unluckily accelerometer does not work . Too bad.

          Stopping here for now. As a first testing this rom is promising. IS promising what we can expect from now on. UI is responsive, web browsing is decent, we have amazing video hw, running games pretty well.

          Please make accelerometers work. Camera is secondary for me.
          This is a rom for testing and experiments, but not for a daily usage. That's my opinion.

          Sorry for my English and thank you very much for porting this rom!!.



            What is the resolution on this one? Native 1920X1200 I hope!
            So what do you mean by "not even possibility to set/unset HD resolution"?

            Thanks for your feedbacks I might try it too.


              AW: Neomode Custom Rom U30GT2 Android 4.4 Version 0.9

              Think what he mean is that you can not switch from HD to normal.
              The Tablet runs at native resolution with 240 DPI.


              Gesendet von meinem GT-I9305 mit Tapatalk 2



                ro.rk.systembar.tabletUI=true does not work

                rotation does not work




                  In Android 4.4.2 is no Tablet Mode anymore. Have tried all. Did not work.
                  For Rotation I Work on it.



                    No tablet mode? Don't do that :-(
                    I don't like the notification bar on the top, and the buttons centered on the bottom. There is plenty of space on the bottom left and right sides of the screen for them

                    Tapatalk-kal küldve az én U30GT 2-el


                      Thanks for still working on it!


                        Originally posted by neomode View Post

                        In Android 4.4.2 is no Tablet Mode anymore. Have tried all. Did not work.
                        For Rotation I Work on it.


                        auto brightness does not work

                        Thank you Neomode
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                          Can you Porting ROM from Pipo max m9 pro Android 4.4 firmware? its hardware is more similar to cube




                            Hello !
                            Thank you for this rom which works fine !
                            Question : Do you know if it's possible to downgrade to 4.2 waiting for a more final 4.4 version ?
                            Thank you in advance !


                              Is there any other problems (other than the camera and rotation)?
                              Is it stable?

                              I don't mind the rotation and webcam issues for now, so I would try using it if the rest is fine.