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Rooting an Ematic EGP010 or Flashing a new Rom

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    Rooting an Ematic EGP010 or Flashing a new Rom

    Ematic EGP010 Specs
    1.5GHz Dual Core Processor
    1GB RAM
    4GB Nand flash
    500 mb internal memory
    Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

    So I recently got the EGP010 ematic tablet and have been having trouble with the storage. The manufacturers decided to hard code a few apps onto the chipset. The internal memory where they're stored only has 500mb and after a few updates most of it is used up.

    I would be grateful if anyone knows how to root the EGP010 or flash a new rom. I downloaded the sdk dev kit and set the default storage as the external, but that's still not working. I've tried several "one-click" rooting software and none of that worked. What would be needed to create your own custom rom or manually root the device?

    I'll have to root or flash a rom a few times because some friends and family have the same device. Any help would be appreciated.


    As stupid as this sound the most you would want to do at the moment is root it and dump the current rom.

    every possible rom will most likely have the oposite effect wanted or thought of as each has different hardware.

    root it but keep the rom stock.

    as for rooting it it should be the same setup as its brother egp007-8 and should be on the web still.

    Feel free to contact me for help on:
    Ematic EGP007
    Allwinner A10 and A13
    Galxay Note 10.1
    Galaxy Tab 2 7" and 10"
    Galaxy S2


      Alright I'll follow the root procedure for EGP007/008 and see if that works. Thanks


        Hi! Did you have luck with your tablet? I have the same issue