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how to re-partition nook tablet 16GB

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    how to re-partition nook tablet 16GB

    hi all

    i just got my nook tablet 16GB (1.4.1), since i am outside US i dont ave th option 2 re-partition th internal memory in store.

    there are XDA threads explaining how to do re-partition, the prescribed ways are beyond my knowledge..

    so i request u too explain it in very simple way how to re-partition my internal memory. (i dont ave much experience in all in technical terms, but only once rooted i rooted my iberry tablet with finless bob's custom ROM)

    thanks in advance...

    Maybe a link to the XDA post about it so I can have a look.

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      Originally posted by Finless View Post
      Maybe a link to the XDA post about it so I can have a look.



      http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1554039 using a B&N SDcard frees 8GB for user content...

      http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1562130 i prefer this because it gives 12GB media partition, and I don't use b&n content at all...also th steps looks easy, i have not tried (dont wnt to brick my device without knowing what is what)

      note i never used/know anything about
      Cyanoboot,clockworkmod but i am ready to learn..

      thanks again..



        Jst followed th instructions from XDA thread

        The directions are as follows

        1) Unzip the file you downloaded (if it's a zip file, originally I hadn't zipped it).
        2) If using Windows download Win32DiscImager.
        3) Insert your SD card into a card reader (or connect it with the nook).
        4) Run Win32DiscImager, select repart.img, select the drive letter for your SD card (MAKE SURE IT IS THE SD CARD AND NOT THE NOOK).
        5) Select "Write", read the warning or two which come up and proceed.
        6) Remove the card from the reader, turn off your Nook.
        7) Put the card in the Nook.
        8) With the Nook Tablet still off connect the original charger cable and it should boot. From here it's automatic. See my notes in the other thread.

        PLEASE note that this is for the 16GB NOOK TABLET and NOT 8GB NOOK TABLET and definitely not the Nook Color!

        If your NT does not boot from the SD card after these steps please try a different SD card. If that still fails use ADB or Gparted to verify that the disc has the boot and LBA flags set. Also verify the checksum of the image which I've also supplied in my post. I've used both of these methods a few times now and they work just fine for me. I have personally found that using an SD card 2GB or smaller typically works better.


        http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1562130 post #8