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[ROM Lepipop][4.4.2] [Onda V919 3g air Octacore Mt8392] Tweaked, fast, and Lollipop themed

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    [ROM Lepipop][4.4.2] [Onda V919 3g air Octacore Mt8392] Tweaked, fast, and Lollipop themed

    Before I go any further, I just want to make it clear that I only PORTED this ROM to the Onda V919 3G Air (NOT for the dual boot version, but Android version only). The original creator Lepi did a wonderful job creating this ROM for the Cube Talk 9x and gave me his blessing to share it. I simply ported it over for our device, ironed out a few compatibility issues, and added a few things here and there.
    That being said, I nor Lepi or anyone else will not be held responsible for your device being damaged in any way. Lets get the Onda v919 a bit more ROM love :-)

    Special thanks go to:
    • Lepi for creating the ROM (original thread here)
    • RekGRpth for mods, recipes, and testing
    • Alexey for mods, recipes, and testing
    • arsenev for mods, recipes, and testing
    • cherva70 for mods, recipes, and testing
    • Graevka for mods, recipes, and testing
    • FatuRe for mods, recipes, and testing
    • the_vanya1 for mods, recipes, and testing
    • Slimhouse for mods, recipes, and testing
    • grisha84 for mods, recipes, and testing
    • Paget96 for his great LSpeed Revolution mod (thread here)
    Known Bugs:

    You tell me :-)

    Changelog (based on KitKat 4.4.2 and unofficial 2.0 ROM Cube Talk 9x release from December 2014):
    • Fully deodexed
    • ROOT by default Superuser app from Clockworkmod
    • Removed all software in Chinese
    • Modified boot.img
    • Init.d support via busybox
    • USB debugging enabled on first boot
    • Added the ability to display the traffic in the status bar settings by color and off as needed. Keep in mind that color settings of texts in the status bar is only possible in portrait mode.
    • Added a setting density screen for those wishing to increase the size of the entire display at the touch of a button.
    • By default, the check box is turned on Unknown sources in Settings \ Security for the convenience of a quick recovery applications via Titanium.
    • Black and Customizable gestures now in the bright subject.
    • Round avatars in contacts and SMS.
    • Implemented 3Minit Battery Mod (found under Display settings)
    • Lowered minmum manual brightness of the display to 4% and auto brightness level
    • Modified file platform.xml for full access to memory card
    • Improved user interface firmware forbetter readability
    • Returned to stock status bar settings
    • Implemented system application in font chooser settings to change font
    • Implemented development niorix flash drives to mount NTFS file system
    • Implemented animation notifications in status bar. Thanks to Slimhouse and grisha84 for recipes, and cherva70 for the help
    • USB connection now has button instead of doing Tap on the picture. Thank grisha84 for the recipe
    • When you start the dialer in white topic immediately opens the numeric keypad to dial. Thanks lekha1980
    • Changed power_profile in the hope of correct statistics for battery discharge.
    • Turned off the default Power Saver Mode. To enable it you need to uncheck the check box. After rebooting daw back. That is exactly the opposite against stock options. The idea of ​​user CatB. His test was successful.
    • Removed mourning triangles on the avatars of contacts
    • Removed annoying BEEP when you press the volume rocker
    • Settings \ For developers introduced Engineering menu and test menu
    • Changed the white theme. Made design a la Lolipop.
    • Implemented management applet folder init.d, ie system tweaks based on scripts. Thank grisha84 for the recipe
    • Introduced function to remove all recently opened applications. Thanks Alexey arsenev
    • Stock radio replaced the radio from Lenovo. Thank Joker2010 finder and aid in the treatment of this application bugs
    • Changed icons and many system applications
    • Preinstalled Android L Keyboard
    • Implemented library against stuttering sound when online viewing. Thanks to everyone who participated in this patch
    • Ability to disable system applications in the Settings \ Applications. Thanks for the recipe RekGRpth.
    • Change style icons Android L
    • Screenshot and screen record in Power Menu. Thanks for the recipe Alexey arsenev and cherva70 for troubleshooting
    • Blocking in the Preferences, the application AdAway. Thank you for the idea Graevka
    • Light theme settings in Google aссoun
    • Sound unlock additional tab in the Preferences. Thank FatuRe for the recipe
    • Mode multiuser for 5 people.
    • Returned undeservedly forgotten flashlight.
    • Traffic in the status bar. Thank the_vanya1 for manual
    • Animation notification with customizable animation. Thanks grisha84 for the recipe
    • Changed default language to US English on first boot (Dai323)
    • Added stock boot animation (Dai323)
    • Added Nova Launcher as default (Dai323)
    • Added Numix Material icons (activate them in Nova Settings under “look and feel-icon theme” (Dai323)
    • Added Material Wallpaper (Dai323)
    • Preloaded Xposed Installer (Dai323)
    • Preloaded LSpeed Revolution mods from Paget96 (preloaded by Dai323)
    • Added modded gps.conf (Dai323)
    • Fixed broken Bluetooth caused by incompatibility issues with Cube Talk 9x (Dai323)
    • Fixed broken camera caused by incompatibility issues with Cube Talk 9x (Dai323)
    L Speed Revolution (Paget96) can all be found on the original thread here. You can activate and pick the scripts you want to use by opening Terminal emulator, typing “su”, and then “LS”. From there, pick the scripts you want to activate.

    Download and installation instructions:
    1. Download the ROM from Mega here, and put it on sd card (internal or external ok, but I recommend external).
    3. Full wipe from custom recovery.
    4. Flash ROM.
    5. Optional – Install PA Full Gapps or smaller (don’t install stock, as it breaks camera) from here directly after flashing ROM in recovery. If you do this, you will need to go into Language and Input and manually choose Android L keyboard to have a working keyboard. Otherwise, Voice Input is on by default. If you don’t flash Gapps, Google Keyboard is preloaded.
    6. Reboot and enjoy.
    While there are many Lollipop themed elements in the ROM, some things aren’t themed, which made me find ways to tweak the theme.

    Here’s a short video of the stock theme:

    And here’s a clip of the same ROM after I added Monster UI Xposed module:

    There are quite a few dark on dark issues should you choose to use the module, but for the most part it looks very smooth. This is a matter of personal taste, which is why I didn’t preinstall the module in the ROM.

    If you want your theme to look like mine, do the following:
    1. Activate Numix icons
    2. Turn on “Card Background” in Nova settings under “App and Widget Drawer”.
    3. Install Xposed Module “Monster UI” and reboot (it will now apply the theme and look as mine did in the video).
    4. Clock widget is free on Play Store (Minimal Clock is the name of the app).
    5. Battery widget requires XWidgets (free) and to download “Pure Battery Info “widget” within the app (also free).
    6. Quote widget is Bhanu Quote widget.
    Enjoy Lepipop :-)