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    I ordered an Onda V820W from in late October of 2015 ($120). It was my Xmas gift so when it arrived in late November all I did was make sure it worked and change the location to Canada and the language to Canadian English. I started actually using it at Xmas and I really liked it. For about a month. I turned it on one morning and the language had reverted to Chinese. After messing around I got the language back to Canadian English but some of the buttons still had Chinese instead of English.
    After a lot of non-help from TinyDeal's "customer support" I turned it over to my son who fixed computers, phones &c in late February to try to figure out how to re-install Win10 without Chinese (something about "root"ing or "rom"ing). He died from complications of his diabetes a few weeks later and when I retrieved the tablet it was non-functional (display turned white when turned on) so I mailed the tablet to TinyDeal in China for repair ($20 postage).
    It came back to me on June 20th. It arrived with English (US) installed but I am in Canada so I installed English (Canada) and changed that to the display language. Next I tried Cortana and discovered that it couldn't understand me because English (Canada) voice recognition wasn't installed so I started installing it. The download was very slow so I left it for about an hour. When I came back it had not made any progress so I tried to cancel it and start again. When it still said cancelling after 5 minutes I decided to turn the tablet off and back on again. It turned off right away but would not turn on again.
    After that I asked for a refund. After much arguing back & forth with TinyDeal they finally offered me a $41 refund. and promised that they would increase it by at least the cost of postage if I sent it back to them again (another $20). When it arrived in China they offered me $69. I told them that their offer was an insult because it was less than half of what I had spent to buy it and then return it twice. I told them that if they did not refund at least the original $120 I would post online about how they treated me everywhere that I could. They sent me a refund of $30.86 on December 13. I started sending them emails every few days and last week they sent another $69.
    So about a year after the product's problems appeared I have been refunded 82.5% of the original purchase price. This is not how an honourable company deals with customers who have problems.
    BTW: When the V820W failed within an hour of me receiving it back from repair I did what I should have done in the first place. I bought a refurbished HP Stream8 for about the same price. I wish I had done that in the first place.