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Older Rockchip tablet help

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    Older Rockchip tablet help

    Worth a try

    Have an older tablet i got for my brothers girls some time back

    It has a RK2926, 512 and 4G ram the version of android doesnt allow it to share the memory with the external so i wanted to try and move it from jellybean to lollipop?

    Hate to pitch it, the screen still works, the battery lasts for 3-4 hours still its just the memory will barley hold any apps before its full

    I also do not like to abandon tech that still functions. However, I have an older tab with a newer RK SoC than yours, also has double the RAM and storage. But it is just too long in the tooth, slow as molasses in winter and as you stated, apps are problematic.

    I did abandon the tab, in the end, to me it made no sense to fiddle with the antiquated tech. Not when totally superior tech can be had for $50.
    So while I understand your desire to keep the relic going, you are fighting an uphill battle with little hope of return on your investment.

    Of course, this is just my opinion. While I would not stand in anyone's way to pursue it, I also could not encourage anyone in their pursuit.


      What i would gain is the knowledge to do it.

      Even if i brick it, right now it isnt getting any use as it sits.

      Maybe ill just put winamp on it and load it with as many MP3s as it will hold and it can be an over sized MP3 player lol


        Well, in the interest of gaining knowledge, that is a worthy use of the older tech. That I do encourage. And yes, much of my old tech has been the victim of my quest for knowledge. Not only have I learned, but also improved my soldering skills and culled useful parts from old gear.

        So yes, I apologize about my being pessimistic. Sometimes my pragmatism interferes with my optimism.

        Big MP3 player sounds fine. I thought about using my old RK tab for a TV box remote, but by then, it's battery just didn't have usable capacity.
        By all means have fun. Hope you get some use out of it.
        BTW, old tabs can be used for IP cameras.


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