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Custom Firmware for Ployer Momo8 IPS (by Flexion)

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    Custom Firmware for Ployer Momo8 IPS (by Flexion)

    I was looking for a custom rom for my momo11 speed, but an answer by kmac21 lead me to this rom.. so here is the info:

    Ployer Momo8 IPS Custom Firmware

    However, the official Ployer firmwares come pre-loaded with a selection of Chinese applications and defaults to a Chinese language.Objectives

    I decided to have a go a making my own custom firmware for the Ployer Momo8 IPS with the following goals.
    • Pre-rooted.
    • Removal of pre-installed Chinese apps.
    • Removal of bloatware.
    • Extend `/data' partition.
    • Make it a "Google Experience" device.
    • ClockWorkMod Recovery (available to donors)
    I think I've been fairly successful. My firmware includes Android 4.1.2 features and even some Android 4.2 features. Until someone successfully ports cyanogenmod to the Ployer Momo8 IPS or Ployer release a 4.2.x update then my firmware is the most complete "Google Experience" you'll find for the device.

    its for momo8 ips only, I will ask the guy if its work on momo11speed (probably not?)

    I have Download the new Momo11 Speed Firmware and will also make a CRom.




      thanks neomode!

      ployer did a couple of "momo11" tablet.. first one with cortex a8 (call "bird").
      The most popular is the momo11 speed (a classic rk3066 tablet), the lastest firmware is here:

      and a new momo11 with quadcore A31 was released by ployer..
      I cant read chinese, so i've downloaded this firmware and its only for the quadcore tablet..

      If you need one, here is a cwm recovery for this momo11speed (found on another board)