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    Ramos i9

    What's the most you would pay for an i9? Total cost with shipping included.

    Originally posted by jeffw79 View Post
    What's the most you would pay for an i9? Total cost with shipping included.
    Hi I got mine for $246 with the original case, very good packaging, and fast shipping. I find it to be a good tablet, very fast and responsive.


      Thanks for the info! I think I'm going to order one soon. For about $250.


        I've got the tablet for about two weeks now and thought it'll be helpful for someone to give some more info.

        It's a 8.9" 2GB RAM/16GB and I got spare a 32GB SDCard and the original white/blue folder case which is too tight and the camera and earphone holes do not fit correctly, so I have to cut them looser.

        The tablet has an IPS screen (very good), a 7000mAmp advertised battery and its super fast. The Intel Atom chip inside makes the difference. Just to make a note I have owned and used other tablets as well with RK and ArmLogic CPUs and some Android TV dongles (MK808/Tronsmart 908II)

        The tablet is super fast, everything I want to open it opens up at once. I see no lag at all. I've created two different profiles in Android 4.2.2, one for me one for my son. The app and data memory are merged giving the whole 16GB for application installation and data.

        The tablet came with 19513 firmware, and I upgraded to the latest one 21612 by downloading it and copying to SD. The upgrade process is quite easy, and I lost nothing from the installed apps or data.

        Google play is installed in the firmware, most of the apps are compatible but some are not, I suspect due to the Intel processor.

        Rooting is easy following thread's instructions http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/9353...i9-aio-thread/

        There are somethings missing in the firmware such as NetworkLocation.apk for maps to work , GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk for calendar synchronization NetworkLocation.apkGoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk which you need to copy in /system/app, change
        permissions to rw-r--r-- then reboot according to (http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/9353...-thread/page-3). After that both Calendar sync and maps (I needed to download that) are working fine.

        Google Contacts is still not working and the app is missing, but I think I'll manage to get this work sometime.

        For games, most of the games are working more than fine but extreme 3D games (my son tried real racing) even though they have good graphics after a while they are getting slow. I've read the GPU is not so strong to hold extreme 3D games.

        For the battery I have to say when the tablet is sleeping it really goes to deep sleep and overnight I lose only 2%. I've installed battery doctor as well, but I think it's needless. The firmware is really well suited for when the tables is in sleep. The only issue is the WiFi does not go off when sleeping, meaning the tablet still consumes battery for the WiFi, plus you get annoying messages overnight. That's why I put battery doctor.

        So since I have it if anyone wants to ask something I'll do my best to help.