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Ok so now what????

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    Ok so now what????

    Got a Samsung Galaxy 5.0 for my birthday, what if anything can be done with it?

    RC Helicopter I can do... this is a whole different ball of wax to me

    Depends what interests you have. Tapatalk for forum browsing, news360 for current events and leo flight sim for stupid fun.

    You really need to play with it for a while first and get to know your device, then you'll know what the limitations are for what you want to do.

    Play and enjoy, any questions just ask, a nice group of people here and very helpful.


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      It is different from what I'm use to..
      Was considering an IPad, but to large for everyday use.


        I use mine for a GPS in the car (NAVFREE) and book reader, give to the kid to occupy him in the car (Angry Birds) and use it for a replacement for my ancient palm pilot.

        I rooted it with superoneclick and have cputuner on there and the battery seems to last forever (especially if you turn down the brightness some).