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RK3188 Tweaks, Mods, info, journals, tuts & Custom Rom for Skyworth Skypad x7010

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    RK3188 Tweaks, Mods, info, journals, tuts & Custom Rom for Skyworth Skypad x7010

    First of all, I wanted to say thanks to FREAKTAB for all the knowledge I've learned and for the active members.

    Special thanks to LEOLAS for helping and guiding me for the questions i have during my journey in learning. Leolas was also the one that made the 1st CWM Recovery for our Not-so-Popular skyworth skypad x7010 (AFAIK, IM A GOOGLE Addict but it shows zero result for the search on CWM x7010 Skyworth / Skypad before. that's why i ended up asking in this forum.)

    PLEASE DO NOT COPY/PAST MY/THIS ARTICLE/POST Without Giving the right credit/Link to this post too!!!!

    although It is fine for me if you will rewrite it in your own words :P

    Oh I will introduce my self first, I am From the Country of [>--] Philippines, though very few developer came from our country, this is because of the LACK of INTEREST / PASSION of most of my countrymen. I am th3f33, Pronounced as DAFFY or read as The Fee, ayt? xD The real name is Demi, Demi francisco, I can call myself a Master DESKTOP Technician and an Average Laptop Tech, and this was used to be my previous work / job. Now I am currently focused on Web Developing and Programming (HTML,CSS,PHP,MySQL,JAVASCRIPT,ETC) that's why I am pretty familiar in the way the ANDROID Language goes (C++,Perl,PHyton,java Ayt?). I AM THE MAD PROGRAMMER!! lol XD (Just like hohouin kyouma).

    For the sample of the cooked rom performance, Here is a YOUTUBE Video for it, stress test in HD Games....

    So the device is:
    SKYWORTH SKYPAD X7010 (quickly phased out on Skyworth MAIN Upon the release of x7011)

    Full SPECS: (Stock)
    Rockchip 3188 Quad Core Processore (28nm, 512kb l2 cache, 1.6ghz)
    2GB Hynix DDR3 SDRAM 1600(
    h5tq4g8) Clocked @ 300mhz idle, 400mhz 1.2v
    Hynix 8GB Internal Nand FLASH h27ucg8t2atr

    Mali 400MP4 GPU @ 600mhz
    Wifi and BT By mediatek (MT5931 and MT6622BT)
    UP TO 64GB micro sd support
    7", 1280 x800 resolution
    Stock OS JB 4.1.1 (Ported/unperfected rom, missing libs, cannot run NBA2k13 on stock rom 4.1 due to the missing lib)

    Facebook Group for my Custom Rom with Links to Download - please join my group, im CREATING an Army XD


    NV v1.03 Custom rom By: Th3f33 (yey its me!~)
    • Rooted
    • Tweaked for MAXIMUM Performance for the price of a little battery timespan.
    • ANDROID SDK 2.0 4.2.2 (4.3) Based
    • Incomplete UI (Kitkat Based/Transparency), Not calibrated very well...
    • Internal storage(system) increased from 1GB to 2GB while internal SD decreased to 4.4gb
    • Anti-Aliasing x4 Unlocked on Developer Options
    • Comes with the CWM Recovery (Thanks again to LEOLAS!!! YOU ROCK!! HAPPY NEW YEAR)
    • Faster Reading And Writing Speed
    • Nand Flash and RAM Tweaks
    • GPU Tweaks!
    • 99.7% Fully Functional and Error Free (As far as I tested, until Nov 2013, Im not sure right now, but may not have any problems updating google apps at all)
    • Bloatware Removed / Reduced

    Added Apps:
    • Root Explorer
    • Jota+
    • Android Kitkat 4.4's Office
    • Android Kitkat 4.4's Google Launcher
    • Chrome
    • Rebooter App
    • PPSSPP (PSP Emulator)
    • Viper4Android Sound Effects
    • if there are some that i had forgot to mention, please do remind me XD
    I do believe that these tweaks / Performance increase / Speedup can be applied to all RK3188 devices, with the same logic / techniques can also be applied to rk3066 to maximize the performance. BUT BEWARE ON THE RAM(MEMORY) CHIP!!!!

    Now here are the information on What i Modded and how to Improve the Performance

    NOTE: (If the performance of my tablet on the video on youtube is the same as the performance of stock rockchip rk3188 tablets/devices, please do say it to me so that I will be able to change some Description on all of my posts across the INTERNET!! Thank you!)

    ATTACHED FILES: Benchmark From Antutu And Passmark + Kitchen tool (some are modded, some are handmade )
    Attached Files
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    Post #2


    The x7010 did not had any kind of update OTA from skyworth, and was replaced quickly by x7011. Since skyworth is a chinese company, i am not really expecting anything from them. but the sad part for me was when i bought the tablet, (About $150 converted currency) and then looked over the internet for supports such as CWM Recovery, CROM, Cyanogenmod or anything else, I FOUND NONE! Great! Not even a Copy of STOCK ROM! Which give me the idea of studying/learning the developing since i had already interested in doing so, and will also make me one of the pioneer custom developer/cooker for our device.... YEY!!... but it was not easy, IT WAS A HARSH PATH T___T After my 1st week of trying, I already got a FULL BRICK ON MY DEVICE, But lucky me, im a great actor, so it ended up replaced from the store since it was still covered in the 1week replace 1 year service warranty. (I had softbricked the dev by trying to flash Finless rom 1st try, then glassrom 2nd try, then i fully bricked it by flashing with no bootloader & parameter, erase nand db so that the store wont find out that it had been rooted and flashed!)

    So on my 2nd chance, First thing i did was to do a ROMDUMP for backup (NO CWM YET), then I tried to create another CWM Again BUT I FAILED, Where i left it as is with no recovery but working system.... then i posted my 1st post here WHERE I stated that I want to learn and dont want to be spoonfed... Then after a few days, leolas tried to make the CWM!!! but I cant seem to flash it via flash_image, so I used a 1.37 rk tool, to flash the recovery, (Now i know that i messed up the partition offset of the recovery before so it doesnt really boot to recovery!). but by testing out what i understand from the forums, most info about the parameter came here... i finally flashed the CWM Successfully on my device! so i backed up trice the device, and since i was so excited, i tried to flash a new rom again, but the excitement and an old mouse that double/triple clicks BRICKED my device by flashing it with NO PARAMETER AND BOOTLOADER, and all other are checked and the flash are already being erased.

    No more bootloader mode, no more adb, not detect in PC In anyways. then i found out the pin 8& 9 shorting for the nandflash, tried it but i was so sleepy so i did not had success. I dreamt that i will be able to revive the device so when i woke up, the first thing i did was to do the PIN SHORTING then i plugged the usb cord, then poof,! Success! then flash my romdump (Backup from cwm with tar cannot be flashed ). Although i have one problem, the dump have the system in .tar and i need a .img, so once again, GOOGLE! then the guide that helped me is the guide by the Great FINLESS on making a System.img flashable from update.zip. Using a Linux mint VM then plus learning basic syntax of linux, got it working ! .

    This scenario made me think that NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW! since it was the most difficult for me, especially the bricking part. so ill make it a little bit short, i flashed almost all, and recorded what is the difference for every rom,(ALL ROM ARE FOR RK3188), some displays, some dont, some boots, some doesn't. I also learned to logcat, read logcats, dmesg and read and debug using dmesg.

    finally i was able to make one 4.2.2 rom ! yey, SUCCESS for me! But i am not satisfied yet...

    Next part was the System ui - framework.res and backsmaling and such, mostly for the User interface, and those were pretty easy since you can use the TRIAL AND ERROR Technique!. I have already the idea for the configs in build.prop, and just did some trial and error. By doing all of this, continuously, i am learning different syntax & commands using adb and terminal emulator too. so in the end, i maximized the performance of the rom, without touching the kernel. But i still notices the lag, one scenario is this, Fresh boot, Playing NBA2k14, then by some reason, after the camera zoom, the game slows down or get a little lag, in order to get back to the 45/60fps gaming, sometime i touch the notif, sometime pause - resume. and when i am on a 45/60 fps on any game, then accidentally touched the home / recent button, when i return to the app, it gets so lag! and when playing simultaneous game, it gets really lag.

    I know this symptom, Applying my knowledge in desktop. I had declared to my self that THIS IS THE EFFECT OF BOTTLENECK! (Unbalanced specs & performance) so i checked the OC of the device, then found out that it was not overclockable thru software.

    Google is my friend, and found out that i need to compile my own kernel that enables the Clock adjustment of the device to exceed the 1.6ghz. I was too naive that I Underestimated RK3188's Power. Then after googling hours and hours, asking my mentor on how to compile a kernel, looking for sources which was the same for us but eventually i found none xD, I stumbled upon.... OVERCLOCKOMATIC / Patchomatic!! a linux app that enables patching kernel's clock settings. And i found out that it can patch ram / gpu / cpu!

    Since i was An Experienced Overlclocker. First i did was a hand made heat spreader (To make this, you need an aluminum foil, fold it into three, with the width of about 1-1.5 inch, then cover most of it with any tape except for the part that will be connected to the target, and the other end for the receiver/outer/safe place to transfer heat.) first, my target is my procie and spread it through the sd card slot, and another one from the procie to the aluminum case on the wifi & bt (it was covered!) i moved the 1st end from the sdcard slot to the back cover later on when i realized that i might damage the sd card or the socket itself .

    Then I tweaked it and tweaked it for days, checked stability, compared results.

    our kernel is 3.0.36 compiled on ubuntu! Yey! at first i was running the device on 1.8ghz, then later on i reverted it back to 1.6ghz, due to heat issues that may damage the device with prolonged use and to save battery spantime too.

    But not everything is about the clockspeed, especially when the GPU CLOCK IS ALREADY MAXED, So what would be the cure or solution for the bottleneck....


    the correct term to it for me was clock correcting / clock tweaking.
    This is the EXACT modification of the kernel clock and stepping on both cpu & gpu and ram on my kernel which IS INCLUDED IN MY CROM Where everyone in our country, and last week, some russian had already visited our facebook group and was testing my rom already .

    modifying the RAM (2g DDR3 sdram 1600mhz) to be run @800mhz like a ddr2 instead of the stock @400mhz like ddr1 thus increasing the bandwidth have a huge impact on MALI-400mp4 gpu since the Quad Core Rockchip Processor were fast enough to make up for the lost clock cycle. BEWARE! Our ram is 2gb ddr3-1600mhz, which have a normal voltage of 1.5v. Low profile sdram modules have only 1.2 / 1.3v normal running voltage. YOU WILL NEED TO MANUALLY CHECK THE SDRAM MODULES ON THE DEVICE ITSELF TO IDENTIFY What type of ram it is, is it a ddr3 sdram? ddr2? a low profile? and clock timings? Ive used google to fully identify my hynix ram specs and even tried running the RAM @ 800mhz 1.5v and no restarting / corruption issues! it just that it drains the battery really fast. for our device, the exact and sufficient Voltage for the ram to perform well @ 800mhz is around 1.3v - 1.35v although im using 1.3v only. THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE TO ALL RAM and WILL REQUIRE MOST OF THE ATTENTION, EFFORT AND TIME TO APPLY CORRECTLY AND SAFELY!
    I cannot guarantee your life or you freedom !

    Some Info on ram: Lower clock speed of ram have faster clock cycle (on default clocks of actual ram sticks) Higher Clock Speed of ram have slower clock cycle BUT Bigger Bandwidth.
    Low Profile RAMS Uses less energy(VOLTAGE), expect a slight decrease in overall performance....
    Some Rams have lower clock cycle and latency in their stock settings compared to other. This are the high profile / OC'ed version of rams..

    Anonymous asked: "Why did you use ddr800 against ddr400 config for our ram?"
    RK3188 is a quad core processor with 512kb (L2 cache per core i believe) running @ 1.6ghz which are ULTRA FAST and can be compared to an AMD athlon Mobile processor ! it was so fast that before that RAM Cycles to refresh, all the data have been stored in the ram had been processed already, so there was really no need for the quick cycle, PLUS The GPU Is an Onboard/SOC/bundled along with the CPU (like intel's I series and AMD A Series). Now They will need a Bigger bandwidth so the power of the cpu can be utilized more since more data (RAM IS 2gb, can store a lot of data! Really...) can be passed as the bandwidth is higher. therfore GPU have a wider data path for transferring the rendered graphics data to the cpu to process then pass back to the GPU or ram, dpending on situation, without clogging up the I/O Path.

    Short Answer: Faster GPU and Read/Write speed at no cost (aside from a little energy drain for the increased voltage of ram, since the cpu can handle that load!)
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      post #3

      Kernel patched, using rkpatchomatic / overclockomatic!
      I also reduced the Clock stepping and adjust the voltage of the cpu from:

      312mhz @ .9v
      504mhz @ .925v
      816mhz @ 1v
      1008mhz @ 1.075v
      1200mhz @ 1.150v
      1416mhz @ 1.250v
      1608mhz @ 1.350v (this may not be right, if i am not mistaken it was only 1.3v @ 1.6ghz on stock)


      504mhz @ 1v
      1008mhz @ 1.115v
      1416mhz @ 1.250v
      1608mhz @ 1.350v


      AND the GPU speed increase by loading the driver module with:
      insmod /system/lib/modules/mali.ko (removed mali_dvfs & mali_init_clock=133)

      and also changing the GPU voltage and stepping FROM:

      133mhz @ .975v
      200mhz @ 1v
      266mhz @ 1.025v
      300mhz @ 1.050v
      400mhz @ 1.100v
      600mhz @ 1.250v
      (6 Steppings)


      200mhz @ 1.05v
      400mhz @ 1.15v
      533mhz @ 1.2v

      600mhz @ 1.35v /1.3v
      (4 steppings)


      266mhz @ 1.05v
      400mhz @ 1.175v
      600mhz @ 1.35v
      (3 steppings)

      The Steppings Reductions Resulted in a VERY VERY Fast Application Switching (Not using a multiwin, but able to run about 6-7 HD games with seemingly no lags on switching). BUT Additional battery power may be consumed because of higher idle values for each settings.
      GPU & CPU Steppings logic are the same, while for the GPU the clock increases, so as their texture and pixel fillrate. But gpu power may not be nough @ 1.25v during heavy loads, that is why i've used the maximum allowed voltage for the gpu, and adjust most of the voltages so that the system will never be short on current especially when switching state.

      Wanderer asked: "why did you reduced the steppings and what exactly is that?"
      Stepping is the term I used for the clock settings / stop point, It came from intel, they use Speedstep and steppings. as you can see, Most of the time, when not playing hd games or not running so many many apps, The cpu (based on my new config) will either run fine at 500mhz, - 1ghz only. (large bandwidth maximizes the power of the quad core of rockchip). so it wont need to adjust itself to 1.4ghz unless it really needs it, and it will not revert back to 500mhz unless all apps and memory are cleared and closed. (Even if you press the recent apps, it will stay @ 1ghz and will not drop to 500mhz). When running a solo HD game, except for 2013 Q4 HD games like CoD & GTA SA, cpu will be fine @ 1ghz, when running other apps, like browser, music player, etc etc, it will be kept in memory, and the cpu will have to speed up itself so it will be stable @ 1.4ghz, when running multiple hd games, it will run @ max 1.6ghz.

      The stepping settings helped the cpu to be STABLE @ certain clock during prolonged usage.
      Plus, rk3188 is not a very good at clock switching / stepping adjustment. Some users of rk3188 uses a cpu tweaker and set their clock permanently to 1.6ghz right? but it consumes battery faster. I tried different numbers of steppings and clock config and this was the best result for performance. Well in reality, if you are going to overclock a desktop processor, you will disable the speedstep or clock switching feature because it consume power and energy. imagine that the processor needs to consistently monitor the cpu load and adjust it according to its needs. even a human will have a delay of a few seconds during the adjustment and calibration of the strength, the same logic applies to the processors too, plus if you will add the stress of the switching of the GPU, bugs and lags are generated, sometimes, it takes quite a while for the gpu to adjust its clock, from 133, to 200, then lags a little, adjust cpu, then gpu from 200 - 400, then suddenly you pressed the home button while playing, gpu reverts back to 133mhz which is far from the max, ew, where in my config, you start at 233, making everything seems to be so smooooooth, even if you enable AAx4 in the developer options you wouldnt notice the impact of it in performance, then you can disable hw overlay and enable gpu rendering too to maximize performance! if you want to save battery, then choose the 4 steppings on gpu, if you are a hardcore gamer on tablet, then use the 3 steppings on gpu, if you want more, replace the 400mhz config in the 3steppings with the 533 from the 4steppings.

      I have Also increased the Speed if reading / writing in the nand flash by mounting mtd partitions with:
      ro noatime nodiratime noauto_da_alloc data=writeback barrier=0 nobh

      instead of using an app to mount the android folder in external sd, you can use a terminal emulator, then this command to mount the folder from exterlan sd - internal, so you can play more games! (Note: please do create the /Android/data and /Android/obb on both internal and external SD

      $ su mount -o bind /mnt/external_sd/Android /mnt/sdcard/Android
      # mount -o bind /mnt/external_sd/Android /mnt/sdcard/Android

      to remove the mount/bind

      $su umount /mnt/sdcard/Android
      # umount /mnt/sdcard/Android

      The mount / bind is not permanent though, and you will need to enter the command every restart of the device.
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        nV v1.03 for x7010 by me!



        I WILL USE ANOTHER PREMIUM HOSTING SERVICE As A Mirror LAter On (it was my web client that pays for the hosting though )

        if in anycase i had to add new things.....
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          reserved for Freaktab Customers only

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            Thank you JD Francisco for your knowledge & skills


              Originally posted by JGNROMERO View Post
              Thank you JD Francisco for your knowledge & skills
              Thank you too,
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                OK nice work!

                Should I make you a skyworth forum and move this there?

                "Pzebacz im, bo nie wiedzą, co czynią"
                "Прости им, они не ведают, что творят"
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                "Vergib ihnen, denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun"
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                "Oprosti im, jer ne znaju što čine"
                "Forgive them as they know not what they do"


                  Re: RK3188 Tweaks, Mods, info, journals, tuts &amp; Custom Rom for Skyworth Skypad x7010

                  Great work!! :clap :clap You got it!! I really know you made a very hard work with this device, thanks for share it with all users, we want users like you here, people whi learn a lot and after gives back to the community the results, thanks again!!, your work will help a lot of people. Nice if I helped a little, but all the hard work is yours

                  My devices:
                  Minix Neo X7; Minix Neo X8-H , Minix Neo Z64W & Z64 (Sponsored by Minix)
                  MK902 & MK902II(Sponsored by RKM)
                  Beelink M8B & Beelink R89 (Sponsored by Beelink)
                  Tronsmart VEGA S89H (Sponsored by
                  MELE-PCG03 (Sponsored by Gearbest.com) Discount Coupon:MPCG03
                  Ainol Intel Z3735 MiniPC(Sponsored by Gearbest.com)
                  Thanks to them I can try to support your devices http://freaktab.com/core/images/smilies/wink.png


                    Hey TH3F33, its Patrick! Nice Work, hehehe.

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                      Well finless, afaik, there is no forum/ thread dedicated to skyworth devices yet,

                      It might be a good idea to be the first forum to have it, which will generate more visitors too.

                      Skyworth's website for the tablets is skypad.cn, its in chinese though,

                      Your guides are truly amazing and i found this forum, freaktab, had a lot of topics that talks about rockchip devices, and your guides have saved me a lot of times! Starting from leolas cwm, then your unbricking guide, parameter file discussion, then converting zip to img, it was like a combo lol!

                      I will also try to encourage our facebook members for the group of skyworth x7010 to visit and help the upcoming skyworth forum/threads here, and i might also upload here my 2in1 root and cwm tool for our device,

                      If i can get a hold of other skyworth devices then i can make croms and tweaks for them too, but aside from our device, x7010, that is nearly extinct here in our country, s70 series of skyworth is also pretty common and cheap! I think less than 80$ in our currency...

                      There is also a similar device in russia but is carried by different model and brand, i am 95% sure that it is a rebranded x7010.

                      Chuwi v88 is also similar, but the kernel build may differ, and some chipset might not be the same,

                      I am going hiatus for a week or two, since i dont have a linux ubuntu os atm, my secondary hdd just died due to old age...
                      The user is currently not active, and in hiatus mode. please forgive me. will be back soon as i get my new rockchip device


                        hey pat

                        Originally posted by Jabbzz View Post
                        Hey TH3F33, its Patrick! Nice Work, hehehe.

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                        yeah I know, just spread the words that you read from the forums where you follow me!

                        If freaktab made a forum for skyworth, this will be our main hideout! you should convince everyone to help us become viral!

                        Can you see the difference in forum vs facebok group?

                        elp psy congroo
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                          I will upload a separate cwm with flasher for x7011 later or tomorrow and a rooter too

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                            Custom Rom for Skyworth Skypad x7811

                            Hi th3f33,

                            Good day!
                            I was very impressed with your hardwork, your knowledge and your talent. I just acquired same product from Globe which is a skyworth x7811, quadcore-a31series and would like to ask your help in rooting the said device. I would really appreciate your kind assistance on this. Thanks!