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iview 760 TPC rom on yarvik 360/364!!!!!!

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    iview 760 TPC rom on yarvik 360/364!!!!!!

    hey guys

    i have a yarvik 364 tab. 8 inch the same of the tab 360 but the 360 is with gingerbread .
    its exact the same as the iview 760 TPC but this one is 7inch.
    all the other hardware is the same.

    i installed the gingerbread rom from here

    everithings works but can you make the screen fit of this rom for a 8inch
    now the screen is 1 1/2 i have 2 toolbars one above and one almost in the middle.
    because i have a 8 inch.

    another part is volume hardware keys are reverted .
    and the home button is settings
    all de rest works perfect.

    who can or will give it a try to fit it on the yarvik tab.
    sow we have a flashable ginger rom too instead of ics.
    the ics rom can you download from
    if you love my work please buy a coffee

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    One thing that sometimes works is to use the kernel.img from the 8" with the system and boot from the 7".

    I have used this successfuly to boot 7" ROMs on my 10" tablet but it doesnt always work.

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