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tablet send back to factory

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    tablet send back to factory

    bad news
    my tablet is sent up to the factory .
    with a defect on the touchscreen.
    sometimes when i used the keyboard then when i push on a letter then is was it a wrong letter or 3 letters at the same time.
    or when i click on a icon it was sometime a other one or the place where i last was.
    some days its was all ok.
    and yesterday was the touchscreen absolutely wrong i must touch the screen in the right corner for use all the rest off the screen was not reacting.
    now i have no tablet for about 3 weeks.

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    Sorry to hear snakekiller. I am having problems with my Arnova as well. I am going to try sending it to Bob first before trying to return it to Arnova. It seems the charge jack is shorted out or something. It will not turn on at all now.