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Beelink GS1 6K TV Box - Allwinner H6 Android 7.1 BT4.1 1000M LAN USB 3.0 Media Player 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM

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    My box can't find OTA updates. Where i can download the update to install it from SD card?


      I'm wondering if the Allwinner H6 is significantly faster / has better Picture quality than an AMlogic S912. I'm not into custom roms. A stable offcial ROM is fine as long as it is stable. I currently have an s912 box and I want to know if it is worth it to upgrade to an Allwinner H6 because it's supposed to have better picture quality?


        It' a matter of opinion re quality my view. Allwinner most likely the worst at providing any updates so your on your own if it' got issues. But others may disagree. I'be learnt to avoid thier devices like the plague for that reason. But that' just my opinion.

        best regards.
        Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


          I share Scooter's opinion on Allwinner. Ive had 2 of their boxes. Fast, picture quality good. Good for gaming. Support was lousy. Custom roms were the only way to get a little more mileage out of Allwinner devices. Hopefully things have changed. Good ideas! Poor customer support.


            OK thanks for the inputs! I think I'll just wait a little longer for the next Amlogic SOC that rivals the Allwinner H6. All of the reviews I saw puts the allwinner H6 above the s912 but I think the price is a little high for a 2gb+16gb box.


              Gearbest says this box does not support AVI. How is it possible for a multimedia box?


                I bricked my GS1.
                Is there a way to unbrick it ?


                  Anyone know how to root the GS1 so I get my PS3 DS and PS4 DS to work?


                    Has anyone plugged a web cam into this box for skype video. If so can you let me know if it works OK. Thanks


                      Originally posted by trebor View Post
                      Youtube 1440 looking ok
                      I thought YouTube fhd required L1...not so, huh?
                      Or just an upscaled version?

                      Hardware is fairly similar to the eachlink you just tested, isn't it?
                      performance is comparable too?

                      Please, your overall impressions of alwinner chips vs amlogic and rk?
                      ...and opinion as too whether this chip lineup will attract the attention of more developers? If not, why not?

                      Great usual. ;- )

                      Side note: after having to get a mod to unlock my ability to post (too many edits i think), now no mater where I enter a page Always defaults to the compose section with emojis open.
                      Who to contact? I have found a fix and it is annoying for sure.
                      Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


                      • trebor
                        trebor commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Clean you cache and bookmarks may help
                        Test with another browser, Chrome based, Firefox, Edge if you dare....

                        Most likely something there

                      True.. there is a issue where it goes to comment section inside this forum.. is was mentioned to admin's

                      These h6 devices will probably not get any any attention of developers... ( not many allwinner devices do )
                      Something about a bad "PCIe implementation"
                      So, even if a linux build would be made.. wifi would probably not work


                        Made sense. Thought it helped, at such luck.
                        I'll try an alternate browser.
                        Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


                          Originally posted by gpang5 View Post
                          Has anyone plugged a web cam into this box for skype video. If so can you let me know if it works OK. Thanks
                          Ditto on that. I plugged in an old Macally ICECAM2 USB 2.0, but it only recognized the audio.

                          Also, NONE of the SKYPE versions I tried would let me sign in.


                            Some Good news fellow Allwinner users,
                            Our dear Friend superceleron SC has been at it again....

                            ​Been doing a little optimising and fiddling with the Beelink GS1 Rom

                            SC convinced me to locate this Player from storage at some ungodly hour this AM it was early and still dark here.
                            You all know we and those man eating spiders here in AU and some live in Storage.

                            But as soon as the Sun was up I was there with Mortein in hand just in case and the Rubber flip flop to squishem.

                            All seem to working rather well, using Stock Launcher, running very smooth and Zippy well appears so, has been awhile,
                            Rom should be posted over the weekend I am advised....

                            Change log may have more details of fixes etc

                            Basically optimised and working a lot smoother
                            Some Voice remote working with Google Search etc
                            Playstore all good, has Google Backdrop/screensaver

                            Please consider
                            Donating to Freaktab


                              Well on this one it was mainly optimizing it and fix some stuff that i thought it was annoying as hell... like playstore login being broken, etc...
                              Also added some functionality like google assistant, (long press home to make it work) works great on minix A3 remote, dint try others... "ok google" anyone? lol
                              And double press home to bring app switch to see open apps and kill them by just press the left/right directional keys... and other stuff....
                              Is a simple rom but i think is good enough, not a bad chip... pitty the bad OS support from allwinner... but overall i think is works very well.