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LibreELEC and Armbian for Allwinner TV box

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    Update ver Armbian and Libreelec kernel 5.9-rc-7


      Originally posted by balbes150 View Post
      Update ver Armbian and Libreelec kernel 5.9-rc-7
      Can you update the first post with the correct link for the download?


        Should clarify, the most current LIBREELEC images don't have a current yandex.disk address in the first post; no worries found the link it in the Amlogic forum thread :



          New image Armbian 20210121 kernel 5.10.9 Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute and Debian 12 Sid
          Libreelec 20210121 kernel 5.10.9


            Originally posted by hamza_iraki View Post
            How to run these images on the Rockchip and Allwinner platform .

            1. Download the image for your device
            2. Unpack
            3. Burn the image on the medium

            4. Configure in the file (uEnv.txt) launch parameters for the desired platform and model (uncomment the desired lines and comment out or delete unused ones)
            5. If your device does not support USB startup , you can only use SD cards and you need to add the correct u-boot to the SD card (for details on how to add it, see the text of this message)
            6. Connect the prepared media to the device and turn on the power

            please explain the point number 4 my box is h6 allwinner transpeed 6k
            Did you put the Armbian system on your Transpeed 6H (H6 Allwinner)


              Originally posted by genidy.m View Post

              Dear balbes150,

              I own "Tevii p500" which is a "Sunvell Q+" and it's same as "Tanix x6", i used "Libreelec", booted from "SD card", but output on my TV is a appeared for one second then black screen, so i connected to the box UAR,T and i can confirm kernel booting till "init" start, then no message, so what is wrong, kindly find the UART dump in attachments.
              Also i tried after that to boot with "Armbian", it booted ok, "HDMI" working correctly, but take too long "scanning for btrfs filesystems", so why "Libreelec" can't output correctly.


              What steps did you follow to get Armbian running on your system? I have the same sunvell q+ box 4/32gb with me. Also which version should I pick? I wanna use a desktop environment so should I use buster or focal? Someone please clarify.

              Thank You


                Originally posted by joelmercedes View Post

                Did you put the Armbian system on your Transpeed 6H (H6 Allwinner)
                I got the solution por this one

                Transpeed 6k H6 allwinner


                go to this link


                  I'm getting stuck on the armbian boot screen after I create a new username and password and it's about to boot into the desktop environment. I'm using Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Aw-h6-tv_buster_current_5.10.27_xfce_desktop.img. I have a sunvell q+ 4gb/32gb box with me. Steps I followed -

                  1. Flash file with Rufus
                  2. Insert SD card into box and boot.

                  Any extra steps I need to get it working?

                  Thank You.