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Help me unbrick this tv box please (x96Q)

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    Help me unbrick this tv box please (x96Q)

    I purchased a tv box like 2 weeks ago and i think its bricked, i plug in on tv and appear only the logo, i tried push the av button but dont got response, im trying find the short location like a week and i dont know what i need to do, my pc dont recognizes the tv box and i think i need to do the short to update the rom.
    Can anybody help me to find the short location on this tv box?
    Here have the internal and external photos:

    Tv box: x96Q, 2+16GB H313
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    Fairly new Box

    Maybe Try not to rush in to J-Tag Mode
    Maskrom Mode so fast

    Can Take awhile to load System On Boot Up

    With Phoenix Tools could be Probs or Just Human Error

    Try REboot
    Try Holding Reset Boot To Recovery

    MaskRom/Short Nand should be last Resort

    When i click on Link for images
    My Adblock/Ghostery/and U-block Origin goes Crazy

    Maybe upload images to POst


      these are the photos

      i put they on tv and waited more than a hour, and the reset buttom dont worth too, on tv on pc, i tried push the buttom when i put the usb cable but dont worth too


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          Firmware Update Guide for TV-Box with Allwinner SoC [APCTV]

          Originally posted by freddy View Post
          Try Holding Reset Boot To Recovery
          If you can boot in recovery, then reset button is working.

          Post actual hi-res photos (and not from some .pdf file) of your device, PCB may have different layout.
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            Reread Update guide again
            Maybe missed something

            Can be simple mistake we all have made before.....

            Make sure you are using USB/OTG port not USB 3.0

            Make sure is cable not very Long 30 cm

            The USB/OTG is labled on PCB but i cant really see it cleary when i expand image.

            USB/OTG on some Boards is Marked as USB/ADB

            FRom images you posted

            First image

            To the right of Samsung 631 Bridge those 2 copper colored/contact points/concentric circles

            Should wake up

            Good Luck

            Happy Testing


              im trying to connect the tv box to pc to uptade the rom xD

              i tried 2 copper colored and dont happened nothing, now im posting images of mine tv box, i saw many diferences than the photo i posted before, and im sorry for it
              plz, try to help me find the short point