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Need help with H96 Max H616 4/32.

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    Need help with H96 Max H616 4/32.

    Box stopped turning on. It is impossible to flash again. PhoenixSuit detects that the device is connected. But when you try to flash after a few minutes, the program reports that the firmware download has failed. Could you tell me how to put the box in mask rom mode? What contacts on the board need to be closed for this. Memory Toshiba THGBM9G8T4KBAIR.

    Post images of PCB both sides

    Testing WEchip H616
    Board is Branded H616 T95Max V4.0

    very similar to yours Maybe

    Happy Testing


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        Board is similar .....
        Sort of...
        Nand is different than Toshiba is SCY SMD Nand

        However Toshiba Nand short sometimes 29,39 or ...unknown

        Maybe wont help Maskrom Mode unidentify..

        If Phoneix Suit detects that is good thing..
        I just tested latest Version Phoneix Suit_V1.10
        And PhoneixUSBPro_V4.0.0

        With Success both times

        Held in Reset Button with toothpick and connect USB to PC
        All good

        Took approx 4mins 48s

        Maybe Unistall Versions you Have and download Latest Versions

        I used // androidmtk for download of Utilityies

        There is also Phoneix Card Maker V3.1.0 you can Try

        I had no success with Latest Version of LiveSuitPack V 1.11 would Detect Device but File is corrupt....etc...
        which is not Correct / same image worked in USBPRO and PhoneixSuit.

        Most important is compatible Firmware image
        Also length of USB cable can cause issues

        Good Luck

        Happy Testing


          Thanks for the suggested options. But unfortunately I have already done all this. Doesn't work.



            What is on Plastic cover Case H96 Max

            Which image are you testing?

            Testing other images with same spec as your box if you havent allready ?

            I just tested image for your Box on my Wechip

            Then Tested image for T95 10.1.12
            Works/no wifi/remote key functions not all work

            Then tested image for T95 10.1A24_20210315
            Works perfectly all functions
            Same as WEchip Image ZXWeChip-V10-A21

            From Images you posted i see H616- V10 printed on board(What is date printed underneath,Heat Dissipate is covering)
            Maybe test WeChip image if you have not allready

            Also from Image right below USB0 is serial pinout DEBUG is printed
            If you have U-art maybe can communicate with CPU

            The Nand Toshiba

            Imagine walking along beside a picket fence skipping a stick from slat to slat

            Now apply that theory to Nand chip

            Open up PhoneixUSBPro_V4.0 load image
            Connect Male to Male

            Start at 1 side of Nand and slowly,ever so gently
            Skip from Pin to PIN shorting as you Go

            Test Clk to ground under CPU Is cluster
            Use GND from Serial or metal case of SD Card Reader
            Now short components to GND one at atime

            Maybe will work

            If you Have success please post For Others

            Happy Testing


              I'm sorry, i do not understand. What to short-circuit with what? I wanted to reset the flash, but I couldn't find how.



                Go to

                Main Forum

                Thread by scooter2014 Nand Chip Mask ROM Short Location

                230,000 plus views

                Good Luck

                Happy Testing


                  In that topic, I also wrote and attached a photo of the board. But there is no answer yet. You are the only one who answered. Thank you.



                    You are welcome

                    Did not know you had posted there

                    I directed you there so you could get a visual on what to short circuit with what( Your post #7)

                    There are some great pics/images with pinouts identified and what tool used

                    Test leads from multimeter are good for bridging
                    Or tweezers
                    Or paper clip .....maybe

                    We use Automotive 12V test Probe
                    Aligator clip one one end
                    Nice fine point on Probe

                    MaskRom Mode is last resort after you have exhausted all other options...

                    Further Good Luck

                    Happy Testing


                      Hello there.
                      I have same problem with this model.
                      I think there is no way to upgrade the firmware! Cuz it seems the board could not read the EMMC !
                      But i just found a ways to use the motherboard as a TV BOX !
                      I Burned a bootable MicroSD as a EMMC with the firmware of that and when I connected the power to my device it started to loading and working!!
                      But now i have new problem
                      I broke a SMD piece on the board by a mistake nad now i dont have any idea about its specification!
                      If there is any datesheet or a High quality picture of the board maybe i could find same piece and repair it !


                        Originally posted by libili View Post
                        ...or a High quality picture of the board maybe...

                        right mouse click - open link in new tab




                          Took a look at tv box same as yours

                          Here are part #s

                          W2A 66 SMD Transistor

                          A1sHB SMD Transistor

                          Big G search will give link to Data Sheet PDF

                          Hope it helps

                          Good Luck

                          Happy Testing


                            I can't find the data sheet.


                              Originally posted by VVV22 View Post
                              I can't find the data sheet.
                              I have found it here: https://www.hkinventory.com/public/r...519&BrandName=

                              It seems these (16GB) boards come with different NAND's: Toshiba THGBM9G8T4KBAIR (@VVV22), Sandisk SDINADF4-16G (@mAtvXk), BiWin bwctasc21g16g (mine on board H616-V10 2020/06/21 ..2050).

                              Datasheet is for Sandisk one. Page 21-22 describes the pins.

                              I understand we are supposed to short Data0 and Data1 (A3 & A4)?