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[ROM] DOVED v0.1 based on sunchip-CX-X8-A99-A80-6335-20150323

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    [ROM] DOVED v0.1 based on sunchip-CX-X8-A99-A80-6335-20150323


    Upload in progress.!1ooWkBpY!U5paX2CgumqSuPG8JxppuQ

    Changelog /features

    * Added TWRP recovery (~06.02.2015)
    * Added Init.d support
    * Added Init.d scripts (/system/bin/sysinit)
    * SD Cache set to 2048 by default
    * noop & performance by default
    * build.prop tweaks
    * powervr.ini tweaks
    * modification for restore from USB key options
    * added reboot.apk for widget and extended reboot options
    * added & removed bunch of apks
    * MX Player codec in download dir (
    * boot logo & boot anim changed
    * added PS4 pad support (Vendor_054c_Product_05c4.kl)
    * Muted keys presses and clicks
    * Disabled POWERVR_ROGUE
    * Added latest KODY (15) nightly & SPMC 14.2

    BTC Donations:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1CrDbxx1PV1kYmKgG9ScSiSq9QpDp6KRfG.png
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Size:	1.3 KB
ID:	496242

    Been awhile hope your doing well,
    Did find that one the other day was curios if you would dove it
    Hope the studies are going well


    All in and working as per the normal, Excellent
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      GJayJayG, will this ROM work on a Draco AW80 do you know?


        Hi saulin

        Sure does, give it a go
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          is that boots from sd card


            recently install ... first impresions: too small text, few drop frames on VLC // Tronsmart draco telos


              I installed this ROM and so far it seems alright. I do notice a little of stutter in videos compared to my other box the MyGica 1800e. Even on some YouTube videos?

              Maybe not stutter but it sure doesn't feel like 60fps.

              For Emulators works amazing, the STB IPTV Emulator works great as well.

              Does this Rom have the tweak for YouTube for 1080p videos?

              Another thing on my Draco AW80 Telos if I shut down the box. The remote does not turn it on again. It used to be able to turn it on with the original firmware. Now I have to pull the power out and reconnect it to boot it from off.

              Another thing. I'm not sure if it has to do with the firmware I did not check with the original firmware.

              But both Antutu X and CPU Z report my box as having 3GB of RAM. Not 4GB something like 3120MB as total


                LOVE your work and grateful as a Draco AW80 Telos user!

                Is this an upgrade to Dovless 1.13?

                If so I will give it a shot by SD card installation, let me know, thanks again!

                Gary Brant