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M8 Wifi Issues Help!

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    M8 Wifi Issues Help!

    Hey so I got my new Amlogic M8, my internet speed is 30MB download 3MB upload. When I do speed test on the M8 I get 0.5 MB download and 3MB upload but on my android phone, laptop its 30/3

    I tried all wifi channels, only when I change to channel 14 the download speed goes up to 7MB but then I can't see the wifi on my computer..

    Anyone has an idea on whats going on?

    I tried a Belkin Router, Cisco Router, Buffalo Router and Thomson Router all the same..

    What could be the problem?

    If you talk about the square M8 you should have a look at the right sub-forum
    and flash e.g. the latest fw by JM...
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