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    HI Again..
    a little update here... i finally get audio over optical cable... only problem now.. source ( movie, tv and music ) they all have to have 5.1 streams.. as soon it is a stereo signal audio stops working...
    Again any idea's ???


      Originally posted by burt35 View Post

      reinstalled openelec 5.08 over megatrons rom still the same resolution greyed out. I give up stumped.
      I am still face with the same issue. Did you get it solved?


        has anyone managed to get bluetooth working on these m8 boxes with this openelec 5.0.8 build?


          Originally posted by al8782 View Post
          I did have a problem with my family room tv that has a sound bar. I hooked my box up and got no sound at all. I changed my hdmi output to my cable hook up and had sound. Unplugged my box, plugged it back in , switch to hdmi output for my box and cables work.

          Now in my bedroom I'm getting something weird. I'm watching ufc replay with volume real low (wife is sleeping) and after a couple minutes the volume drops down by its self to were I can't even hear it. I have to turn it up and then it'll go back to normal. But when I turn it up I still can't hear it and then it'll get louder by itself and I have to turn it down. Both tv's have sound bars. Just started noticing this.
          Hey al8782 have you had any luck with the weird volume issue? I noticed this w/ openelec 5.0.8 on my Matrix Arm MiniPC, it only happened the once but it was very odd.


            where has the zip format for the m8 went all that is there now is
            OpenELEC-Amlogic.M8.arm-5.0.8.kernel 26-Jun-2015 04:15 9.3M
            OpenELEC-Amlogic.M8.arm-5.0.8.system 26-Jun-2015 04:15 102M
            OpenELEC-Amlogic.M8.arm-5.0.8.tar 26-Jun-2015 04:15 111M


              Loaded this rom (link below) my M8 connected to a samsung 46" and I can confirm the following:

              - there is no audio on the analogue AV (headphone) jack (not sure about optical, don't need it as using samsung optical out to BOSE system)
              - a BT dongle and BT keyboard work well (not sure about onboard bluetooth, don't need it)
              - WIFI and cable ethernet work equally well
              - HDMI sound works well straight out of the box
              - All 4 cpu cores seem to be doing their thing
              - power off button does its thing properly as far as i can see
              - no problems with the remote

              Thank you to the compiler of this ROM!



                Greetings al8782. I have streaked on my square M8 the above ROM. All Dolby Digital video records play fine, yet from the remainder of the video document (ie. aac sound codecs) I don't get any sound. Any musings?

                Comprehended - After playing with my sound settings I found that I needed to choose the "Sound system blend".

                Much obliged for the extraordinary work. This is the best openelec variant that I have glimmered to my M8. securitas employee login
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