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Ugoos M8 with Finless v1.8 and Kodi 16.1 - Video Interlace Issues

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    Ugoos M8 with Finless v1.8 and Kodi 16.1 - Video Interlace Issues

    I have a Ugoos M8 S802 (one of the first M8 boxes)
    For 2 years it has been running Bob Finless v1.8 (with Oman and SPMC , then replaced Oman with Kodi 15)
    All worked great, with all video formats, perfect image.

    I just erased the box and did a bare bones install of Finless v1.8 again.
    Added all Apps and Kodi 16.1

    Now i have the old problem of Interlacing lines with some formats during playback.
    Also now, .mp4 format files are struggling to play smooth

    The above was never the case prior the new install.

    Is it an an issue with Kodi 16.1 and the Amlogic box?
    I have read all setting changes threads and tried them, with no improvement.

    M8 Video output is set to: 1080p 50hz
    AVR: is 1080p passthrough
    TV is a Sony Bravia 1080p 50Hz

    I remember 2 years ago, i had a similar issue, but it was resolved with a setting change or a patch maybe??
    This time, i can not resolve the issue.

    The playback issue happens if i play a file outside of Kodi also
    So using MX Player the same interlacing lines occur

    I have tried all the Android System Video Output settings

    EDIT: I seem to remember something was changed in Developer Options in the Android menu?
    Does that sound right to any one?
    Maybe something in Hardware Accelerrated Rendering?

    Any suggestions?
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