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Amlogic remote reprogramming

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    Amlogic remote reprogramming

    I'm trying to reprogram the remote from my WeTek Hub to return to Kodi from other apps, but go to Kodi's main screen when already open.

    I've managed to change the home button to go to Kodi's main screen by changing the 0xf2 entry in remote.conf from 102 (HOME) to 188 (KEY_1). I then changed the keymap in Kodi to make that key return to the main screen.

    While this works perfectly in Kodi, I've now lost the ability to return to the launcher (programmed as Kodi) from other apps. How can I retain this functionality whilst adding the ability to Kodi?

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    HOME is a special key code in Android that is handled at the OS level, filtered out from the rest of the system when intercepted. Kodi never sees it. As each key layout scancode can only map to a single android key code, you cannot double up on it. This cannot be done, without adding code to Kodi. You would need to intercept the home key press via android code, and handle it like any launcher would (like Samsung's launcher which intercepts home presses when your on a secondary home screen to move to the main screen.) See or or