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    OTT MXQ S805

    I manage to pickup a MXQ box from a freind that said he bricked his box.So hey took it apart gathered as much info as I could from the board and chips and away I went.
    Thanks to Matthew for the info he gave.Most important thing I can say is if you are affraid to mess up then leave it alone.I messed this thing up 3 times.Was able to get it back each time .These things are more durable than everyone gives credit.
    Spec's of my board are as follows:
    MXQ805 0161530 V4.1

    Amlogic Meson8B ARM v7 Proccessor(V71) Amlogic S805 Quad Core A1FVYN05102

    Realtek RTL8188ETV is an 802.11bgn 2.4G single-chip that integrates Wireless LAN (WLAN) and a network USB interface (USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 compatible)

    SK hynix South Korean memory DDR Ram

    Look at pic for the rest of the info.........
    I manage to get Android 5.1 ‘Lollipop up and running so far it is running good.THIS is How I did it. I copied these files to a USB stick formatted 32 bit




    I put the link to his add,go to it to get the above files.

    using it in the Number 4 USB slot,Along with a usb W/L mouse
    rebooted MXQ TV box .selected upgrade chose select to go to USB selected KI-Lollipop-20160908.zip then chose upgrade and crossed my fingers,I let it set for @ 45 min.Till I got a welcome to freaktab image on screen.Then let it sit @ 20 min more.Finallt I pulled the power removed usb mouse and USB stick.Then plugged it back up.Fingers crossed it took @ 10 min.s to boot the the screen for new setup came thru.I am now using it .With showbox ,Modro ,Kodi.Doing good so far I do have to say the remote was working but now it don't.No biggy I use the mouse anyway.

    Anyway you can give me a full twrp backup off your box??


      also have the same device (like as your with some difference - main board another rev, but with the same packing and style of cover).

      Can not install Android 5 from Abdul, but KK-4.4. (by Abdul) setuping & working good.

      When i tried to install LolliPop - the TWRP shows that succesfull installed, but after rebooting my TV BOX show logo of FREAKTAB.COM within 30 - 40 sec and reboot to RECOVERY. Can not load system (android 5).

      Could me help anyone? Thanks in advance.


        Clear cache and wipe data before you flash anything new.