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Which NAND Pins to short MXIII 4k (RT8188)

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  • blaze2051
    On the Img 1910, thats the NAND, and i had to use pins 5 and 6, but it was a different board, you can try and your own risk, pins 1+2 or 2+3, 4+5. I tried all til i found 5+6 worked.

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  • deanfarnaby
    started a topic Which NAND Pins to short MXIII 4k (RT8188)

    Which NAND Pins to short MXIII 4k (RT8188)


    I've got a friends MXIII box that won't boot. Won't enter recovery and is not detected by USB burn tool. (PCB - MXIII V5.0 3916 Can't find a lot on this, Potentially a clone?)

    I've tried the usual ways around and all I have left is to short the pins on the NAND to see if I can get it back to life.

    Problem is I'm not sure what pins to short and what the specific procedure is for this board (leave short in place or remove once detected. Short before power, short after power etc.)

    I tried to short the pins marked in my images and the red light just goes out. At one point I saw the light blink blue for an instant then it went red again.

    Does anybody know whats pins I need to short on this board?

    Full size images uploaded here -

    Many Thanks
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