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MXQ Unpacking and packing logo.img file - please help

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    MXQ Unpacking and packing logo.img file - please help

    Im trying to change the very first splash screen that comes up on my MXQ box.

    I know its found in the logo.img

    I was able to open the logo.img with a hex editor for my mx and m8 boxes, but I cannot find the start and end addresses for the MXQ_logo.img

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Attached Files

    just an update to my first post...

    I believe using a hex editor the starting address is: 340

    and if i use the length of a standard 1920x1080 bmp image (length = 5eec35)

    I am able to extract the image.

    But here's the problem, the image opens in ms paint, but it sees the image as 1280x720

    I'm a little confused and I was hoping some of you gurus would help out here.

    (I'm attaching the bmp image i extracted to this post)


      Hi, in attach zip all bmp file from MXQ_logo.img

      name offset lenght
      upgrade_unfocus 280 B8
      bootup_720 340 1C2048
      upgrade_success 1C2390 2BF68
      upgrade_bar 1EE300 B8
      bootup_1080 1EE3C0 3F4848
      upgrade_error 5E2C10 2BF68
      upgrade_logo 60EB80 2BF68
      upgrade_upgrading 63AAF0 2BF68
      upgrade_fail 666A60 2BF68

      And perl unpack file
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        Hi again.
        On Windows OS try this
        in command line
        AMLResSpliter.exe logo.img folder <-- unpack
        AMLResSpliter.exe folder new_logo.img <-- pack


          MXQ logo.img

          I am also trying to extract the logo.img for my MXQ box but no success. I have use ARMsplitter for M8 and MX boxes successfully before. Any help will be appreciated.