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M8S - wakeup from standby problem

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    M8S - wakeup from standby problem

    Hi guys,

    I have really annoying problem with my M8S box. Sometimes (about 30% cases) I'm not able to wake it from a standby mode using the remote control. In case of failure, the blue LED is on, but device doesn't respond and doesn't send a signal to HDMI. Basically, it acts just like it is still in a standby, only the LED is not red anymore. The only way to recover from this state is to plug out / plug in electricity cable to initialize reboot.
    Another problem is that sometimes (it seems random) after reboot, the wireless keyboard (Rii i8 clone) can't be recognized until I do unplug/plug of its USB dongle.
    Can anyone recognize the problem? (pictures of the board are attached)


    Maybe an issue with the current firmware? Have you tried another one for your box?


      Yes, I believe that it is firmware/software related. I have not tried to flash the box with another FW, because I don't know how to select the proper image. According to the other posts I can see that new/other FW can cause only new (even worse) problems, and sometimes bricks a box. I asked the seller for some solution or at least to send me the original FW, so he sent me the image for FW which is already on my box, as a backup. It seems like there is no FW update.
      If possible, I prefer some software solution rather than firmware. Besides Kodi, I need few more apps on the box (Chrome, YouTube and Skype), so Openelec is not an option for me.
      Is there a possibility that some software or process installed on the box can create this kind of problem and if so, is there a way to debug it?


        Check out this link..... post #7


          ask your seller for current firmware yes firmware related alternative you can use my app I created called wakeme_scottie posted on freaktab
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            Thank you guys for your help!

            I have downloaded the firmware you suggested and will keep it as a backup. I think it is the same as on my device (20151126), but it's good to have a confirmed image, although I don't plan to flash my device until it has some serious problems.

            Your application is just what I was looking for (i.e. "software solution"). So far it works great and now I can use remote control to standby/wakeup device normally.
            If someone else wants to use this solution, the link to the application can be found on following page:

            Thanks again,


              Hello guys. I have a related problem with my p212 board. (S905X). It does not wakeup from sleep via a wireless keyboard. I have access to full AOSP tree. How can I fix that? (I have explained my problem in more detail at