Hello! First of all sorry for my english as a google translator.
I need your help to get the rom from my M8s
The truth was that it worked well for me, but from one moment to the next it started to work badly, so I decided to flash it with the firmware that I had saved for this box (cyx_m8s_v8.6_bcm4335_8g2g_kodi_addons_160125_USB) , which burned with usb burning tool, it failed at 96% but then it I installed an update via sd (with a firmware that I also had saved) but now it failed, I flashed the .img file I had again but with a newer version of usb burning tool, now it is 100% complete, but what a surprise, now remains in the MBOX logo.
I installed many rooms that I found here .. but none works, in the end I reinstalled (cyx_m8s_v8.6_bcm4335_8g2g_kodi_addons_160125_USB) then I installed via usb this rom (aml_upgrade_package.img) but with the detail of not checking erase boot or erase bootloader in the program, to my surprise the box started correctly, but there is a problem, it recognizes less ram than it actually has.
Well I hope at last to find the correct rom, no matter that it is kitkat what interests me is that it recognizes the full power of the team, attached photos of my team.
Thanks for your time.
I await your responses.