Hi I have tried to do a full backup of my unit in case I need a restoration or Clone another M8S. I have not found a solution for the USB port issue, beside the one that some people are using.. make some pin modifications to the board, the M8S is not being detected when connected to my computer. I found a thread in another forums for android devices where they explain how to make this connection using, UART and Putty, the Ethernet port connection or the WIFI. I tried the WIFI and it worked fine. ( In M8S Android... Terminal Emulator....SU..setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555...stop Su..Start su...then in Windows Terminal....ADB....adb connect IP:5555....then the backup -apk -shared - all - f C:\users\username\backup.ab)..However, the backup created by Windows Android SDK ADB does not seem to be right. The file size is about 41KB. I think the box still locked or not rooted.

Any idea?