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New-How to use the update method (X6, X8 Series)

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    New-How to use the update method (X6, X8 Series)

    1. Download the appropriate file for your model (see Official Firmware section for your model)
    2. Put the zip file on to an USB drive (or SD Card) formatted to FAT32

    3. Booting up into system recovery menu:
    To enter system recovery menu, your box has to be connected to a display (so that you can access the menu options) and the USB drive has to be plugged in;
    a. Press and hold the "Recover" button on the back of the case next to them HDMI port;
    b. While holding the "Recover" button, press the "Power" button to boot the box into recovery menu;
    c. You may release both buttons when you see the MINIX boot logo;

    4. Choose "apply update from EXT", then choose "Update from udisk" (or "Update from sdcard")

    5.Select the file which is copied to your USB drive/SD Card

    6. Enjoy a cup of tea and let the update complete in about 3-4 minutes;

    7. Choose "reboot system now" after the update is complete;

    Below video was recorded with X8-H PLUS for reference, it works the same way for X6/X8/X8 PLUS/X8-H, just using a different .zip package: