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Help Needed in Un-Bricking of Tronsmart MXIII Plus

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    Help Needed in Un-Bricking of Tronsmart MXIII Plus

    I have Tronsmart MXIII Plus 2G/8G S812 Android TV Box.

    Issue is one day while watching it Turned OFF by itself and when tried to Turn it ON, it only showed Red LED and never could go to Blue.
    I tried to access the Recovery using the Toothpick Method but that also dint go any forward and it kept on Red LED only.
    Next I tried to Flash IMG to the Device using AMLogic USB Burning Tool (Tried all version 2.0 X), but for all the ROMs it went until 3% and then gave error as below:
    ROMS Tried:

    2_TWRP for MX3 M8S and STOCK ROM
    New folder
    Tronsmart MXIII Plus_102L1_150812
    Tronsmart MXIII Plus_108L1_SD_160604
    1_ Burning Tool and M8S Temp
    2_TWRP for MX3 M8S and STOCK
    cyx_m8s_v8.6_ap6330_8g2g_kodi_addons_ota_150908_US B.img
    New firmware 108L1 for MXIII Plus_20160604.rar
    Tronsmart MXIII
    Tronsmart MXIII Plus_102L1_150812.img
    Tronsmart MXIII Plus_106L1
    Tronsmart MXIII
    Tronsmart MXIII Plus_106L1_151029d.img
    Tronsmart MXIII Plus_108L1_160604.rar
    Tronsmart MXIII Plus_108L1_SD_160604.rar
    Tronsmart MXIII-Plus_316k4_150709.img

    Error Message on Burning through USB Burning Tool
    [0x30201004]UBOOT/Disk initialize/Send command/Error resultSend command success
    [21:55:45 749][HUB4-2][Err]--failed:[21:55:45 749][HUB4-2][Err]--Check command return failed
    [21:55:45 896][HUB4-2][Err]--[0x30201004]UBOOT/Disk initialize/Send command/Error result
    [21:55:45 897][HUB4-2][Inf]--Close device handle 0x00000bc8

    Then finally tried to use SD Card Method for IMG file and one worked as below to a point where I can now go to TRONSMART LOGO Screen.
    2.Run burnBootCard\BootcardMaker.exe to burn u-boot.bin to SD card .
    3.Copy aml_sdc_burn.ini and Stock IMG Firmware (Tronsmart MXIII-Plus_316k4_150709.img
    ) to SD card root directory
    5.Insert SD card into the SD card slot in the box
    6.Press the burning button (behind the AV interface or other position and Power on.

    Now I am stuck on the Tronsmart LOGO screen anyone to help me.
    I want to try other other IMG files and Update files but I don’t have corresponding U-Boot Files for Flashing.

    Also when I try to Install any Package through SD Card and go to Recovery then I get below error messages.

    Also Clearing Cache and other options result in more such errors only as attached.