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How to Install Openelec on MXQ Pro+ Dual Boot Via SD Card

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    How to Install Openelec on MXQ Pro+ Dual Boot Via SD Card

    I took the time to write up these step by step instructions for setting up openELEC on dual boot on the MXQ Pro+ because in doing so myself I had to ask a lot of questions and got some awesome help in return. The goal was to include the help I received and clarify the process. I spent lots of time asking my questions on this link: Openelec for Tronsmart Vega S95 - Instructions for Openelec
    When you complete the install you will find openELEC fast, responsive, very skimpy on the box resources and a better way to run KODI versus versus Android.
    Note that if you want to use Android all you have to do is pull the boot card and then reboot.
    I also wrote some instructions on writing an alternate ROM to replace the stock ROM that came with these boxes. This Tronsmart ROM works great and is simple enough to install. If interested check this link:
    Good luck and hope this helps

    How to Install openELEC on MXQ Pro+ Dual Boot Via SD Card
    Step 1 – Installing Dual Boot capability on MXQ Pro+
    • Format your SD/SDHC card using FAT 32. Its recommended that you use a good formatter for this purpose, SD Formatter - https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/for.../eula_windows/
    • Go to this site: https://yadi.sk/d/srrtn6kpnsKz2. open the folder update_uboot, open the folder called tronsmart_vega_s95, open the folder called meta.
    • Download the files and copy - paste to your formatted SD card
    • After downloading extract the file and you should see two files within the extract - aml_autoscript and aml_autoscript.zip - do not use the txt file.
    • Copy/paste or extract aml_autoscript and aml_autoscript.zip to the formatted SD Card
    • Boot your MXQ Pro+ box to Android, insert the SD card containing the files (aml_autoscript and aml_autoscript.zip). Open Apps and then Update and Backup, Under the Local section click select, locate aml_autoscript.zip click it and select update. Your box will reboot. You won't notice much and it will reboot to Android.
    • The process can take some time, so be patient. A few minutes is all it takes.
    • That is all for step one. u-boot should now have been modified and dual boot enabled.
    • The SD Card can be used for step 2.

    Step 2 – Creating an openELEC Boot SD Card
    • It is recommended that Windows users use Win32DiskImager to format your SD Card for this step.
    • Open this link - https://yadi.sk/d/srrtn6kpnsKz2
      • Open the Vega s95 folder, then open the openelec folder, then the 20160419 folder
      • Download this file - meta_openelec_v20160419.img.7z
    • Extract this file - meta_openelec_v20160419.img.7z onto your computer. The name will be the same with .img as the extension
    • Create a bootable SD Card using Win32DiskImager
    • Format your SD Card again with SD Formatter, or your chosen formatter, use FAT 32.
    • Run WIN32DiskImager. Locate your file and the location of the SD Card you inserted. Select write.
    • You can open the SD Card and check it. You should see 4 files, SYSTEM, dtb.img, kernel.img and S905_autoscript
    • Shut down your MXQ Pro+ - I pulled the plug. Insert the SD Card into the box. Reboot the box.
    • Within a few minutes openELEC should boot into the setup screen.
    • After 5 or so minutes of failing to boot, try a reboot on the same card a couple of more times before trying a card reader or different card. It has taken me as many as three attempts to get to OE on first boot. As you have seen, once past the first boot, OE boots very quickly, runs very well (thanks RISKy Dude).
    • If it doesn't boot after several attempts, try using a USB card reader and/or a different SD Card.
    • If problems persist, got to this post for help: http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-...ega-s95/page12
    • If you want to update to openELEC pretty simple. Go to https://yadi.sk/d/srrtn6kpnsKz2 look for the 20160524 folder and open it and the next. Download dtb.img, kernel.img and SYSTEM. When downloaded you can then copy and paste these onto your openELEC boot SD Card. Then reboot the box and you should be updated to OE
    • If you want to update to OE 7.0 then open the 20160609 folder, download the files and copy/paste to your SD card. Insert the SD card and Boot the box and wait for the system to load OE 7.0.
      • Note that OE 7.0 does not have openvpn preloaded. I have not found an openvpn version that installs into the correct locations in OE 7.0. 6.95.3 is preloaded and will work with VPN. The addon for OE that I am using can be found at this location - OpenELEC openvpn manager

    My thanks go to all who helped me when I had problems, including scooter2014, RISKy Dude, Trebor (the original poster), kanacnik1 and to balbes150 who wrote the awesome scripts.
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