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x96 mini 1gb/8gb recovery help!

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    x96 mini 1gb/8gb recovery help!

    So I ordered what was supposed to be a 2gb/16gb x96 mini, upon arrival, I discovered they ripped me and sent a 1gb box! It is an official x96 mini. s905w soc. P282 board.

    But no matter what I do I can't get it to boot into any form of recovery at all! I found a thread full of ROMs that claim to all work on the x96 mini, yet usb burning tool fails at 7% when flashing every single ROM I've tried (including what I thought was the stock rom!)

    Sd burn card maker successfully creates boot cards no problem but again, the box fails to enter any form of recovery. I managed to get one ROM on an SD card to boot to a green android guy with a grey progress bar at the bottom...I left it there for well over an hour and the little green bit (actual progress I assume), did NOT move a single little bit! So I risked it and unplugged the power supply, amazingly enough the box booted right back to stock ROM!

    Luckily I haven't bricked it yet. But I'm dying to get rid of this garbage stock ROM and install atvxperience ROM (with root!)

    ​​​​​​Is there anyone here that can shed some light on my situation and guide me in the right direction!?

    Thank you in advance!