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M8s pro W soft bricked

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    M8s pro W soft bricked

    Hi, my M8s pro w is stuck at the blue mecool screen when it is starting up. I was running the 7.1.1/NHG47L/20171201/212751.V0928 (version I bought it with) then I tried to update some su binary and got stuck there.
    I can access recovery mode. Is there a way to recover or should I flash another rom?

    If this is the case, is my box compatible with Mecool M8S PRO W TVStock Nexus ROM (Android TV 7.1) Started by Magendan ?
    If not, which one would you suggest?

    Finally, I make a bootable usb and then I update it from the recovery mode? As update from ext?

    Thank you guys in advance!