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Mini M8S II 4K Smart TV Box Amlogic S905X 2/8GB WiFi 10/100 LAN BT

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    Originally posted by array81 View Post
    will I receive the future Vontar OTA?
    Yes........... if they be.

    How to - Provide WRITE PERMISSION on sd card for apps on Android Marshmallow
    1. Backup File - packages.xml in /data/system folder
    2. Open File - in QuickEdit app (for example Total Commander)
    3. Search - for app name
    4. Paste - <item name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" granted="true" flags="0" /> in/after <perms> tag
    5. Save - by pressing back twice and confirming Yes(Grant Root permission if asks)
    6 Reboot

    The only important task to do is ADDING that write permission WITHIN the <perms> tag of that specific app package name
    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by vldim View Post
      Yes........... if they be.
      Keep us updated on future updates


        Originally posted by array81 View Post

        Is this the official firmware for our Mini M8S II?
        Is there new about a new OTA?
        Firmware rv_109 - 30.11.2016 from Vontar mini m8s+ CD card method

        And the same version of official firmware for Vontar Mini m8s+ for upgrade method with SD card and recovery. Forks fine on mini m8s II 2/8gb.

        Extract the files from the archive.
        copy update.zip file to TF-card (make sure it is FAT32 format), then run Update&Backup app to update system by local.

        Thanks #Vidim!
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          Originally posted by vldim View Post
          You need old file "remote.conf" from T95N /system/etc/remote.conf

          Solving the problem with the "black screen" (black shadows or low brightness)
          Thank you "crazzian"

          1. Download the archive https://yadi.sk/d/94s27z7L33Uxuf
          Select any video file!
          2. Rename the video file in the "bootvideo", the extension does not specify (empty file extension).
          3. Copy to Folder
          \ System \ etc \

          We confirm the replacement (if necessary, who is there before you can rename the file).
          3. Expose the permissions 644 (rw-r - r--), if they are different.
          4. In the file
          \ System \ build.prop

          Modifies the parameter to 1
          service.bootvideo = 1

          5. Reboot.
          Thank you very much for this. This fix made this device usable now!


            Also note that I flashed the Vontar img and didn't notice any difference from the stock firmware besides some extra addons in kodi . The android security level is the same just a different bootup logo. Hopefully they will actually do some updates in the future but I'm not counting on it :P


              Is there a 5.1.1 Firmware for the MiniM8Sii? Also, can 5.1.1 be installed on a 6.0.1 box?


                Originally posted by Jethro View Post
                Is there a 5.1.1 Firmware for the MiniM8Sii?


                  Originally posted by vldim View Post

                  Solving the problem with the purple screen

                  just buy this: HDMI Male to VGA Female Converter Adapter
                  Audio cable in 3.5mm jack
                  Everything works perfectly! This is the only solution!

                  Are you sure this fix the problem? I bought a similar converter but very often screen goes black and then returns to normal, sometimes every few seconds.


                    I saw none posted new V109 (07/11/2016) for MINI M8 SII (not V106 customized by Vontar ) here it is:
                    https://mega.nz/#!f543XRIY!47GUGzdTV...HEawRRbFHIjexA V109 ROM .img file

                    Then if you like there is my mod ready based on it
                    XTMOD thread


                      Hello all,

                      I am very interested by this Mini M8S II box but before I order it, I would like to make sure to have a clear understanding of its bugs and limits.
                      Please, I would really appreciate your help to get an update of what works or not with this box !

                      Hope it will also help any new reader who doesn't want to go through the whole thread, as I did.

                      What I understood of existing limits and fixes:
                      - Useful review: http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/07/...-6-0-firmware/
                      - Box now rooted (with the last official roms / OTA)
                      - HDMI CEC must be disable to avoid boot loop
                      - May need to remove stock Kobi and install fresh Kobi or SPMC from the play store to get ride of some bugged Kobi add-ons
                      - amcodec acceleration must be disable on Kobi to avoid frame dropped
                      - Audio Pass-through bug is solved thanks to the .apk (from this forum)
                      - External storage (SD or USB) is only readable (no write permissions), except by adding <item name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" granted="true" flags="0" /> on each application system file
                      - Possibility to extend the limited 8 GB internal storage with a SD card (works despite the slow speed warning message)
                      - Wifi reception is quite poor but can be improved by flipping up-side-down the box
                      - In case of purple screen issue, start system settings, display->force rgb->on. (Or other work around: change the HDMI input and move back on your receiver).
                      - The black screen / low brightness is solved thanks to the 'bootvideo' file (from this forum)
                      - Bluetooth is working fine

                      And what are my questions:
                      -> Please, can you confirm that both DD 5.1 et DTS 5.1 are now working perfectly fine in pass-through by HDMI and SPDIF with Kobi? no audio cuts any more? (after added the .apk fix)
                      -> Can you confirm that is possible to merge SD card with the 8 GB internal storage? (I read that the option to make external storage as internal storage is accessible only through the notification bar but it exists on this box).
                      -> Are the purple screen and the black screen / low brightness issues truly solved ?
                      -> Does someone try to mount a 2 TB hard drive or 4TB hard drive ? Is it working ? MBR or GPT recognized ?
                      -> Can you confirm that is possible to get Read AND Write permissions on any external storages (SD FAT32 and USB Hard Drive NTFS)?
                      -> Is MiraCast working well?
                      -> Are Bluetooth Low Energy devices well recognized with this box?

                      I am very grateful for your help to get a clear picture of this box.
                      Thank you very much !


                        AndroidTVAddict. Wow.. You do your homework. I have this model (2gb/8gb) and have been experimenting for a few months with various ROMs. I have settled on Tanix X5 Pro. The standard ROM's did not address DTS & DD5.1 well enough. I still have some minor issues with Kodi 16.1 and Tanix, but the box is stable.

                        1) DD5.1 & DTS works as one would expect. A dropout every once in a while in the beginning, but levels out. Could be buffering (advancesettings.xml configured to buffer all traffic).
                        2) The merge of SD and RAM works well. Complains if SD card is to slow. I see no issues though.
                        3) See green screen on 4K if amlcodec not disabled.
                        4) Attached a 250gb HDD with no issue. Should work.
                        5) Still an issue. I usually write to a SMB/NAS device when the app will not write to USB. Will try write media fix.
                        6) Not tested.
                        7) Bluetooth works as expected.

                        Tanix X5 Pro allows TWRP recovery. These flash easy enough to allow experimenting.
                        Nvidia Shield (2017 & 2019), A95x Max, WD EX2 NAS


                          Originally posted by Xannytech View Post
                          I saw none posted new V109 (07/11/2016) for MINI M8 SII (not V106 customized by Vontar ) here it is:
                          https://mega.nz/#!f543XRIY!47GUGzdTV...HEawRRbFHIjexA V109 ROM .img file

                          Then if you like there is my mod ready based on it
                          XTMOD thread
                          Is this the same of post #626 and #633?


                            Originally posted by array81 View Post

                            Is this the same of post #626 and #633?
                            Obviously not, it's a legitimate Mini M8 SII fw i wrote clearly that wasn't in the message you quoted


                              I have reflash the firmware v106 but now when I try to use my SD I have problem when try to format it. Note I'm using the same SD used in the past, so I have try to flsah firmware v109 but I get the same problem. Any idea?


                                Other than the splash screen, I didn't notice much difference between the vontar and Mini M8S II firmware. I have been using the vontar firmware for a few days now and I haven't experienced the brightness change problem that I had with official M8S Mini II v106 firmware. The issue I was having before was my box would change from RGB Full range (0-255) to Limited (16-235) randomly after watching youtube, making the black/white levels different. I had to change the RGB setting on my TV to match so the picture would look right. If there was a power outage, or I unplugged the box, it would go back to RGB Full range (0-255).

                                Again, I have only been using the vontar firmware for a few days so it's still early. But I haven't experienced this issue so far.

                                I'm sure the firmware isn't exactly the same as the official, but I'm sure they're very similar. FWIW, so far the Vontar firmware has been ok for me so far.