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MECOOL KM9 Android TV Voice Remote Amlogic S905X2 A8.1 4/32 Dual Wifi Fast lan BT4.1

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    Is Auto Frame Rate script work on this box?


      The KM9 pro arrived today.

      Anyone can proof:

      - Android TV can be run in SD (apk from store wont start...)
      - Amazon prime runs

      Any information appreciated



        I've been playing with the MECOOL KM9 Pro Deluxe for a few days. - I'm very happy with the playback quality Very smooth. I'm running a very basic setup - wifi - TV Plugged into HDMI - External Amp plugged into TV.

        Reading through the forum, there were one or two people that asked how to bring up the task manager to close background apps. A few suggestions of apps were made.
        I always run with a cordless keyboard/mouse combo. Simply press Alt-Tab. That switches to the Task Manager. Holding the Alt Key down, use your mouse to close all background programs.

        Another few members here, mentioned their USB 2 Port wasn't functioning. DO NOT DO THIS - if you go to advanced settings, Display, there is an option USB Mode. There are two radio buttons - host and device. Selecting either of these will disable the USB 2 Port. YOU CANNOT switch it back on (I haven't found a way, perhaps someone else knows). The only way I got it activated again was to reset the box to factory default. So don't try this - stay away from the option.

        A few members mentioned the ChromeCast (Built In) doesn't work either. I have not had any issues. I can cast my YouTube or Google Gallery photos and videos from my Phone without any hassles.


          Can anyone recommend a Bluetooth game controller for this box? Something under $30 preferred.

          Also, I just noticed I've lost the dual band wifi option, under available connections I had 2.4 & 5G. Now only the 2.4 is available, which is intermittent at best.
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            I am kind a new to ATV flashing. I flashed phones and tablets before though. So can I just take any rom to flash, as long as it for the S905X2 device? Or should I stay to specific rom's for the Mecool KM9?
            Also I see a lot of roms in the download section. Can anyone advise me a good one?
            One last question: What is the difference between the KM9 and the KM9 Pro? They seem identical on the hardware side.


              Is CoreElec work with this box properly?


                Originally posted by razzor View Post
                Is CoreElec work with this box properly?
                I have KM9 Pro and CoreELEC works fine. I can assume it works on KM9 as well since hardware is not much different. Check out my thread in CoreELEC forum for some details


                  Originally posted by exotic34 View Post
                  Hello friend..

                  KM9 Pro firmware here ....

                  PI.V1.20190329 release-keys


                  Thanks to a friend of Manhhung ..

                  Can I flash this firmware on km9pro classic 2/16?


                    I need your help please if you can give me a good tested software update "mecool km9 franklin user debug api v1 20190220.151755"
                    like this
                    can fix the screen mirroring for this tv box and work withe voice remote like

                    and thank you again


                      Honestly, i'm completely lost in the versions of KM9's and its derivates. I need some help upgrading my KM9 4/32Gb (w/ voice remote) on Android 8.1. Which is the latest and reliable compatible firmware? I bought the necessary cable, i've done many custom firmware updates on my phones but i guess i need a good set of instructions for this.

                      Any help would be highly appreciated.


                        I confirm coreelec works with mecool KM9. You need IR controller for configure and pair your original bluetooth controller. You can't boot the device with your bluetooth controller. I play most Netflix videos in 1080p, but some videos only play in 540p
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                          The above works according to some user from KM3 thread up to 4k for netflix


                            i would love some help i have 2 mecool km pro boxes and i wish to use my minix a2 lite and/or my minix a3 remote . unfortunately the back key does not work with either remote or either box.
                            i cannot even see the remote conf on the boxes so dont know what to do. the back key works with kodi as i modified the keypad.xml.
                            i was thinking of buying an mx3 with voice and keyboard but am afraid i will face the same problem
                            anyone have any experience with this
                            thanks in advance


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